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Total WRTC qualification points: 269
Total WRTC qualification points (with claimed scores): 269
Area rank: 78 in CA1
Country rank: 13 in HI - Dominican Republic
Multi operator entries: 2
Outside own area entries: 0
Total contest entries: 2

Event Year Mode Qualification Points Entry WRTC Category Contest Score Best Score by Remarks
CQWPX 2019 SSB 194 HI3K
Score comparison area: CA1
Operators: HI3A, HI3CC, HI3K, HI3MVL, XE1AY
MS 2573125 11382700 WP4X
CQWPX 2019 CW 75 HI0LT
Score comparison area: CA1
Operators: HI3Y, WP3A, HI3CC, HI3A, HI3AA
MS 1181432 13501559 8P5A

HI3A - Dominican Republic
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