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Referees - WRTC 2022

If you want to participate as a referee, in the next WRTC in Italy July 2023, please:

1) fill in and submit this application form 


2) send an email to referees@wrtc2022.it with your CV (max 1000 char) and a close-up photo (JPEG, GIF, BMP,PNG Max 500KB)

Please submit your application no later than 2359 UTC 10 July 2022.
The selected referees will receive a further confirmation.

Referee application form
First Name
Citizenship Nationality
Country of residence
Postal code
E.mail address
Alternative E.mail address
Primary mobile telephone
Alternative telephone
Emergency contact info
Able to travel to Italy July 2023
Date of birth
Language(s) (1 low - 10 fluent)
Physical (health) condition
Significant health issues
Intollerance to food
Shirt size

How many times you have been a referee in previous WRTC

How many times have you been a competitor in previous WRTC?

Can you receive CW at speeds above 30 WPM?
Have you ever entered a contest in the SO2R category?
Have you ever been disqualified in a contest since 1st January 2018?
Are you able to stay awake for the duration of the contest (24 hours)?
Referees will be hosted by WRTC2022 Committee for their accommodations and meals. (No travel)

Submitting this application, I declare:

1. it is my intention to serve as Referee in WRTC2022 which will take place in Emilia Romagna Italy in July 2023.
2. all the data entered above is true and correct.
3. to comply with the laws and any restrictions due to the COVID pandemic in Italy during WRTC2022
4. to comply with the rules of WRTC2022s competition and to accept and apply the decisions of the judging committee and WRTC2022 Organizing Committee.
5. to inform the WRTC2022 Organizing Committee as soon as possible of any changes to my participation in WRTC2022

Submitting this application, I agree:
1. that the Organizing Committee handles my data for the purpose to organize the WRTC2022
2. to public my participation in WRTC2022.

Privacy declaration
The WRTC2022 Organizing Committee handles your personal data with the utmost care. Personal data is information that can be traced to an individual, such as names, postal addresses, and email addresses. Personal data is protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Processing of personal data
The WRTC2022 Organizing Committee processes personal data in order to carry out its purpose to organize the WRTC2022.

Protecting personal data
The WRTC2022 Organizing Committee will ensure that your personal data is appropriately protected.

Retention period for personal data
The WRTC2022 Organizing Committee will retain your personal data no longer than is necessary for the purpose to organize the WRTC2022 that will take place in July 2023.

Your privacy rights
You can submit a request in any of the following situations, if you wish to:
know which personal data of yours WRTC2022 is processing.
amend your personal data;
have your personal data deleted.
limit the processing of your personal data.
lodge an objection.

For any questions please contact referees@wrtc2022.it

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