Thank you for considering the possibility to be a volunteer at the next WRTC.
The activity of volunteers before, during and after the WRTC is essential for the conduct and success of the event.
You will have the opportunity to spend a few days with the best contesters and Dxpedioners  from all over the world. It will be an amazing experience.

Our call  is addressed to all radio amateurs.
The activities carried out by the volunteers are many, please take note of the legend of the activities inserted at the bottom of the form for submitting your application.
Any reimbursement of expenses will be evaluated in agreement with the Organizing Committee.
Those wishing to participate as volunteers in WRTC2022 which will take place near Bologna from 4 to 10 July 2023, are requested to fill in this form. Check that your form has been submitted successfully, you will also receive a confirmation email to the address indicated on the form.
Once the form has been sent successfully, it will NO longer be possible to change the data entered.

For any variation or clarification, please write to volunteers@wrtc2022.it

Thank you so much for your invaluable help.

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Antenna setup
Antenna pre-assembling
IT and networking
Media (Photo,video, interview)
Site manager
Accommodation manager
Transport of participants to and from Bologna airport (BLQ)

What means of transport can you make available?

Working activity

Please indicate if you have specialized knowledge in the below fields:
Electrical systems
IT, PC and data networks
Media photography and audio
Advertising and social media
Prints and publications
Reception and translation

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1. It is my intention to participate as a volunteer in WRTC2022 which will take place in Emilia Romagna in July 2023.
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3. to respect and comply with the laws and restrictions imposed in Italy to combat the COVID 19 pandemic
4. to respect the rules of WRTC2022 and any decision taken by the organizing committee of the event.
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Description of Volunteer Activities Before and During Event

Antenna SETUP This consists in the assembly of antennas that are carried out approximately from 30 days before the event up to a few days before. The antenna and pole are mounted on the ground. Teams of 2 or more people are planned. for those who must stay in the area there is a partial reimbursement of expenses.

Logistics These are the activities of preparing the material for sending to the sites, preparation of kits for the participants, interior fittings where necessary.

Pre-assembly antenna consists of pre-assembling the antennas, following a manual provided by the organization. The activity will take place near Pieve di Cento (Bo) in the warehouse where the antennas are stored. Indicatively in the months of October November 2022.

IT and Networking the activity will take place close to the event to support the creation of an internal network necessary to manage the PCs responsible for checking the results of the tender. In addition, possible support in solving connection problems on the infrastructures used by competitors.

Media It is aimed at all those who have experience, even if not professional, in photography, video maker, video and photo editing, assembly and management of audio and projection systems for conferences.

Site manager represents the organizing committee at the position assigned to the competitors during the race. Interfaces with the organization and with the facility manager for the resolution of any problems. If available, he accompanies the competitors and the referee to the competition facility and provides them with assistance (water, meals, etc.) during the competition. It manages the security of the station when it was not manned by competitors. Accommodation and food during the race are the responsibility of the organizing committee.

Secretariat Preparation of printed matter and information notes, carried out from home even in the months preceding the event. During the event, data collection, printing and issuing of badges and printed matter relating to the race.

Accommodation Manager manages any issues related to reservations as an interface between the participants and the agency that is responsible for organizing the event. They must be radio amateurs with good knowledge of spoken and written English (or another foreign language). Supports the reception and any problems in the accommodation of the participants.

Reception They are receptionists of the participants, at Bologna BLQ Airport, train station, with transport of the participants to the event venue near Bologna. Transport of the competitor from the event venue to the respective competition sites (farmhouses in the province of BO FE MO RA)