WRTC 2022 antenna kit

The World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) is an event that brings together the best amateur radio operators from around the world. The competition is a test of skill, knowledge, and equipment, and the antennas used by the competitors must be of the highest quality to ensure success.

The antenna kit will be made available to anyone who is interested. A donation to the organization is requested.

The same high-quality antennas kit  that were used by the competitors in the WRTC2022 will be available after the competition.

The antenna kit is designed to meet the high standards required by the competitors in the WRTC2022.

It includes the following materials:

1. One zinc galvanized crank-up and tilting tower
a. Closed 3,5 Mh - extended 11 Mh
b. Composed by square profiles 100-80-60-40 mm
c. All accessories stainless steel
d. Weight about 60 kg
e. Guy wires included (By Mastrand)

2. One YAGI antenna tribander 7 elements 28-21-14 Mhz (By LZAntenna offered by K1LZ)
a. 3el. on 28Mhz
b. 2el. on 21Mhz
c. 2el. on 14Mhz
d. Boom length 4.2 m
e. Weight 25 kg

3. One full sized dipole for 7Mhz (By Momobeam)
a. Balun included

4. One full sized dipole for 3.5Mhz (By Momobeam)
a. Balun included

5. One complete rotor Yaesu 450G with multi wires cable
a. cable with plug about 50m

6. Three sets of 50 Ohm Coax cable by Messi&Paoloni
a. Three cables with plug about 50m

All material will be available after the competition.

WRTC2022 will not provide shipment of materials.


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