ICOM - Now a platinum Sponsor of WRTC 2022


One of the largest amateur radio equipment manufacturers has announced their support of WRTC 2022 as a Platinum Sponsor, the highest level of sponsorship! For several decades, this Japanese company has been a leader in developing state of the art equipment for shortwave and VHF/UHF equipment. ICOM has always been very enterprising in radiosport as well, sponsoring contest teams and many contest events.

We asked ICOM America's Senior Sales Manager, Ray Novak, N9JA, about his feelings for sponsorship:

"I'm happy to represent ICOM as the first Platinum Sponsor. We believe in WRTC!  ICOM has had good results in the past events (sponsoring the winners in WRTC 2014) so here we are again! We are always up to date with the development of new technologies and this always benefits the WRTC competitors."

Fabio Schettino, I4UFH, Vice President of WRTC 2022,  arranged the sponsorship agreement at the recent Orlando (FL) Hamcation 2020:

"Ray has been always fantastic! We really see ICOM as holding the pole position in these events and we are just delighted to have ICOM's attention. Not only attention but their great support for our needs."

The WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee is very happy to thank ICOM for their great commitment!