• 4Z4DX - dov


    4Z4DX dov GAVISH
  • 4Z5LA - Ros

    My name is Ros Bunyat-Zade / 4z5la I am 51 y.o My profession is IT manager (former marine radio officer ) Last 25 years I live in Israel and very active as 4Z5LA I have around 200 000 QSO"s in my logs (mostly CW ) I like contesting and traveling with radio For me HAMRADIO is not only a hobby it's a style of life !

    4Z5LA Ros Bunyat-Zade
  • 9A1UN - DAVOR

    Third generation hamradio op. Grandfather was 9A2BN and my dad is 9A2RD. Started contesting when I was 7 years old. Since 2000 with team mates managed to build 9A1P contest qth, after 2017 storm total damage station is now rebuilt on a new qth. Competitor at WRTC 2006,2014,2018. Looking forward to WRTC in Italy, this time as judge because 9A1P station was rebuilt in the qualifing timeframe.

  • 9A5X - Darko

    HAM since 1980. I'm regular member of the 9A7A Contest team for 30 years, and very active in major amateur radio contests. Some achieved results: CQ WW CW: 2021. SO40 2. eu 2020. SO40 2. eu 2019. M/2 1. eu (9A7A) 2015. SO40 1. world 2014. SO15 1. eu CQ WW SSB: 2020. SO15 2. eu 2019. M/2 2. eu (9A7A) 2018. M/2 2. eu (9A7A) CQ WPX CW: 2021. M/S 3. eu (9A7A) 2020. M/S 1. eu (9A7A) RDXC: 2006. SO80 1. world 2007. SOABCW 1. world 2008. SOABMIX 3. world 2021. M/2 1. world (9A7A) 2020. M/2 1. world (9A7A) 2018. M/2 1. world (9A7A) 2017. M/2 1. world (9A7A) 2016. M/2 1. world (9A7A) etc

    9A5X Darko Martincevic
  • 9A6A - Petar

    Born in Zagreb Croatia 1956. License since 1970. Croatian A Class and ARRL General Class. I was president of HRS and HRS VHF manager. Member and technical support of 9A1A team. World and Europe champion with 9A1A team in WW SSB/CW, WPX CW/SSB, WW RTTY, WPX RTTY, ARRL. Two times member of Italian team on Lampedusa IG9A and four times member of Italian team CN3A. Member of W3LPL team in ARRL SSB 2014 and NX6T team in ARRL SS CW 2015. World champion in WW CW 21 SOSB 80m and IARU 6m 2020. World champion in IOTA 2021 and IOTA 2022 SOAB SSB from Hvar EU-016. I speak Italian, English and Croatian.

    9A6A Petar Milicic
  • CE2SV(VE7SV) - Dale

    On my 15th birthday in 1960 I took the Canadian Amateur exam and became VE7BFN. I was fortunate to have many Elmers who guided me down the path to DX'ing and then contesting. My love affair with amateur radio had begun. One of my greatest lifetime thrills has been to attend every WRTC event to date either as an operator or as a referee. In 2013 I was honored to be inducted into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame. My father Earl, VE7AGC/VA7UA, even though his key is now silent, continues to motivate my passion for our hobby. 73 de CE2SV (VE7SV)

    CE2SV(VE7SV) Dale Green

    I was born in 1968 in Uruguay. My occupation is Business Administration and Consultant Since very young I lived in a small town called Melo, in the northeast of Uruguay, near the border with Brazil. I did my undergraduate studies in business Administration at the University of Montevideo. I stayed working in Montevideo for few years and then lived in Costa Rica for 3 years (2002 to 2004). In 1987 I got interested in ham radio operating as a guest in some friend’s stations. In 1993 I got my callsign CX6VM. I also operate from DX locations: ZP0R, LT1F, ZP6T, TI5N, 9Y4W, PJ4K, ZW5B, CE3CT

  • DL6MHW - Michael

    Michael passed his amateur radio exam at the age of 14 in 1982. Contsting has always been the most important part of the hobbie. Initially as an SWL, he became active in the VHF team conting after the German reunification. Since the mid-90s many contests have followed from his own station or from some DX-peditions - often accompanied by his YXL, Andrea, DL3ABL. As a member of the DARC Contest Committee, Michael developed the DARC Contest Logbook and other software. In 2014 he worked in the organization of the WRTC 2014 in Germany as Vice President, took care of fund raising and public relation

    DL6MHW Michael Hoeding
  • DL8DYL - Irina

    I got my license in 1988 as Y89RL and I love telegraphy from the very beginning. I enjoyed operating from other countries, as J79RL, A35XM, 9Y4/ or W1/DL8DYL. After I got hooked to more serious contesting I joined the Bavarian Contest Club. In contests I operate in multi-op teams, like at DR1A, DA2X and KC1XX. But there is another thrill when I am active as single op. You are responsible for all by yourself. I took part twice in WRTCs: First I was the team mate of Sandy, DL1QQ in Boston 2014. We were the first ever qualified YL-team. In 2018 I took part as the team mate of Madddin, DL4NAC.

    DL8DYL Irina Stieber
  • DL8LAS - Andree

    My name is Andy, DL8LAS. I've been licensed since 1980. Regularly I participate in contests and I am also operator at DA0HQ, DR5X, DR1A, DR4A, LX7I, DL0CS, CR3L, DK0PC, DF0HQ, DR0W. I have a world victory as CR3L in a team with DK9IP, DL9EE, DL8LAS in the WPX CW 2013 reached. Also I was a team member for larger DXpeditions like VP6DX, ZL8X, VK9CD, VK9XW. My prefered activity is the 160m band since any years. More information:

    DL8LAS Andree Schanko
  • E72T - FUAD

    Calls used: YU4DIJ, YU4EBL, YU4VO, T97F, E73CQ, E72T, E7DX, E7HQ, TP2CE, F6KDL, HB9CA, Z38CE Member: E7DX – contest team, E7HQ – contest team, TP2CE – Council of Europe I am licensed ham radio operator since 1981. Since then, I was member of several radio clubs in ex. Yugoslavia, as well get exam certificate for highest radio operator class in 1987.From the start I most liked to participate in contests. First big experience I had with YU4EBL radio club well known for successful activities in HF / VHF contests and DXCC. Work from my own station and contest teams. Best 73 to all

  • E74A - Edin

    License since 1977. Previous calls: YU4AX, T97M, T92000, E72AA, 5B4/T97M, FG/T97M, 9K/T97M, 9A/E74A, YU/E74A. Member of contest teams: YU4FRS, 4N4Y, YZ4Z, T90HQ, E7HQ, T9DX, E7DX, A61AJ. I was a referee at the WRTC in Slovenia - Bled 2000. 5BDXCC, DXCC Honor Roll #1 I am QRV on all HF bands 2 and 6 meters. Please QSL cards vio E73Y , or LOTw. Member of BHCC (Bosnia and Herzegovina Contest Club);

    E74A Edin Gadžo
  • EA5Y - Salvador

    First licensed at the age of 15 and continuously active since then in all amateur bands from 600m to 3 cm. Favorite contests are CQWW DX, CQ WPX, IARU-HF, ARRL DX and CQWW 160m in both CW and SSB, enjoying mainly multioperator contesting. Relevant results include several world wins in M2, MOST and MM from EA8 in CQWW and WPX competitions. Other calls used in contests EF8R, AO8A, EF9A, EF5A, EB8AH, AO8HQ, ED1R, EF4HQ, ED5M, EA0JC. Professionally, Salvador has university degrees in Telecom Engineering, Pharmacy and MBA, having developed his career in more than 30 countries on 4 continents.

    EA5Y Salvador Domenech
  • EY8MM - Nodir

    Nodir Tursun-Zade QTH: Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Loc: MM48JN First qso made using club station call UK8JBD back in 1979. UJ8JMM since April 1984. EY8MM since 1994. Expeditions/Guest Operator 1992: YA1MM, YA5MM 2002: EY2ARP, D44AC, D44TT 2003: D44TT, D4B (CQ WW RTTY) 2010: AP2ARS 2011: VP8ORK 2014: VK6ZFM/MM 2014: FT5ZM 2018: 3G9A/MM 2019: VP6R WRTC 2006. Brasil. Referee. 2010. Russia. Judging Committee. 2014. USA. Judging Committee. 2018. Germany. Judging Committee.

    EY8MM Nodir Tursun-Zade
  • G0CKV - Olof

    Olof has played with radio since age 8, licensed 1960 as SM6CKV, lived in the UK since 1980. Off the air for 30+ years busy with a growing family and globe-trotting work in telecom industry, now retired and occasionally back on the air. He has been contesting from his suburban London home, from the Marconi site in Cornwall and from W6, ZD8, JA, 3B9, 3B8, OJ0, OH, SM5, EI and more. Team leader at WRTC2014, referee at WRTC2018. Regular visitor to 3B as 3B8HA, 3B9HA, 3B8MU and 3B8M. Four children and 6 grandkids provide perfectly wonderful interference and distractions.

    G0CKV Olof Lundberg
  • G3XTT - Donald

    Licensed September 1968 and active since then on all bands 160 through 70cm. Main interests are DXing and contesting. Have contested with the Voodoo Contest Group (from 9G, XT, 5U, 3X) and from many other locations (9K, HS, A4, D6, 4U1ITU, SV, HC8, C5, OJ0, ZS, VP9, GJ, GU, etc) as well from the UK (M6T, G5W and home QTH). Was a referee at WRTC Brazil (2006), and a Judge in Moscow (2010) and New England (2014). Past President of FOC, current President of CDXC, past Chairman of RSGB Contest Committee and manager for 12 years of the IOTA Contest. Current editor of Practical Wireless Magazine.

    G3XTT Donald Field
  • G4BUO - Dave

    I was fortunate to be on the UK team at the first WRTC in 1990. Also competed in 2000 and 2010, and been on-site referee several times. A keen contester since licensed in 1973, mainly CW. Also enjoy SSB pileups but have no interest in datamodes. In the late 1990s I was top Eu single op in the ARRL DX CW Contest 3 times. I managed Eu second place in CQWW CW Unassisted 4 times, but found it impossible to get to the top spot from plain old G. Recently I led the rebuild of the M6T multi-multi team finishing first in Eu in CQWW phone and CW. Operated holiday style from 6Y 9M6 YJ A35 5W E5 ZL 3B8.

    G4BUO Dave Lawley
  • G4IRN - John

    Licensed in 1979, John’s passion has always been for HF contesting and DXing, especially on CW. Following several successful solo DXpeditions, in 2005 he was invited to join the Voodoo Contest Group and operated on five occasions with the team from West Africa in CQWW CW. Other multi-op contests have included the RSGB’s HQ team in the IARU contest ten times. Over the past two years he’s been building a remote station near his home and is enjoying more single-op opportunities. John is founder and administrator of the Facebook 'Contesting & DXing' online group.

    G4IRN John Warburton
  • HA0NAR - Laszlo

    László Radócz, HA0NAR (also: HG0R). I am a 57, university professor. My US call is: K0NAR. I enjoy DXing, lowbands and contesting (CW-SSB). I am also the president of Debrecen University Radio Club (HG0UD). I enjoy contests and pile-ups. One of my best SO contest result was World 1st place in the IARU HF World Championship in 2010 LP, mixed mode and also in 2020 on PHONE as HG0R. I have held some IOTA contest World World Records as SX8R and SW8LR from Thassos island (both CW and mixed modes).Today I also hold many Hungarian and ZONE 15 contest records. WRTC participation: 2018 (Germany).

    HA0NAR Laszlo Radocz
  • HA5X - Krisztian

    On air since 1982. Current home callsigns are HA5XA for general operation and HA5X for contests. But I very seldom operate outside of contests, so you are much more likely to meet me as HA5X. No real antennas at home, and although I truly enjoy being a small pistol, I also love holiday-style DXpeditions and fieldday operations and the occasional invitatations to much better equipped stations either in person or as a remote operator.

    HA5X Krisztian Hildebrand
  • HB9CAT - Marco

    HB9CAT Marco Zollinger Age: 60, licensed 1980 I grew up surrounded by ham gear and RF, my Dad being HB9LG. Licensed as SWL HE9AWB around the age of 13, I learned CW from my Dad at 14, and participated actively in the local team HB9H contest activities. After earning my Electronics Engineering degree at ETH Zurich I worked for a US company and focused mainly on Family; as the kids grew older I started contesting again, as a guest op at IR4M, IR4X, D4C, ES9C, OM8A, 9K2HN, DR9A, 9A1P. Very proud to represent Switzerland as Referee at WRTC2014 and 2018, and in 2023 in my 2nd home country :-)

    HB9CAT Marco Zollinger
  • HB9DHG - Fulvio

    First licensed as HB9SLF in 1985 then HB9DHG when I upgraded my extra class (CW exams). I operated in many worldwide contests and won a few of them. I hold Swiss records in CQ WW & WPX, both in CW and SSB. Operated in many countries, like 4O0HST, YU/HB9DHG, W100AW/8, IS0/HB9DHG LZ2013HST, HV5PUL, DD1A, HB9STEVE, HB9ON, YU5R, LZ2013HST, HB9FBS, HB9PUE, IR1Y, LY4A, TM0HQ, HB9FAQ, IQ0RU, A44A, DA0WRTC (2018 Y87V WRTC Referee) and many others. DXpeditions as 5I0DX, 3V3MD, XU7MDC. Honor Roll Mixed, 160m DXCC. Bronze Medal RufzXP 2014 / Silver Medal Morse Runner 2018 at the HST World Championships.

    HB9DHG Fulvio Galli
  • I2VXJ - Giorgio Silvio

    I go my first licence in 1977 , but I felt in love with radio when i was 13 years , I mostly like CW, but I had very nice times also on SSB . I was contesting very early and enjoyed the game with many different call as T5GG, IG9A, IR2W, CT9L, TJ1GG. IR4T, D4A, P3A, HV4NAC, IZ9R , IO2X . I participated to WRTC in San Francisco and in Slovenia and was lot of fun. I am now a retired emergency doctor retired , still working in vaccine centre.

    I2VXJ Giorgio Silvio Beretta
  • IK1SPR - Flavio

    Born in Turin Italy 1967. License since 1988 with call IW1BWR only for VHF and up . First class license in 1992 with call IK1SPR. Member of Ari Bra IQ1RY , personal contest calls are IU1A II1A , current holder of the soab italian record in cqww cw since 2011. Guest operator at CN3A , IR4M , IR4X , IO1HQ , IO1H, IR1G , IR1Y , II1H , IK2YCW , IQ2LS. Referee WRTC 2010 Russia. Married to Maria Angela , I have two wonderful guys, Virginia and Alessandro.

    IK1SPR Flavio Precisvalle
  • IK2EGL - Donato

    licensed in 1982 at 18 years old I started as dxer and contester. I was part of IR2M team @ I2VXJ station and IP4T. dx pedition as T5GG, IK2EGL/CT3, IK2EGL/EA8, IK2EGL/YV5, IK2EGL/FM7. record in ARRL10 as D4C category multisingle actually IR2D as contest call

    IK2EGL Donato Cardarelli
  • IK2QEI - Stefano

    IK2QEI Stefano Brioschi
  • IK4VET - Andrea

    Ham since 1992, contester since 1998. Founder member of ARIMODENA - IO4T team now QRT. I operated from many italian contest stations: often IR4X Mops, IO4T/IQ4AX, IR2C, I4LEC, IO5O, II2E, IR9Y, IQ1RY/IO1T, IO4W, IR4M, IK2YCW, LX7I. Some nice SOAB from I4LEC and IK2YCW. Member of ICC. WRTC 2018 competitor as Y82G. I run a demanding more time IT solutions company. Married with Maria, when not contesting I enjoy hiking and mountain biking with my sons Giacomo Davide.

    IK4VET Andrea Amati
  • JH4RHF - Jun

    Jun was first licensed in 1976 at the age of 12 as JH4RHF. He started his radio life on 15m, and soon got his interest in DXing and contesting. He is always active in contesting / DXpeditioning. He has activated more than 70 countries on 6 continents. He is often seen in the groups of Mega DXpeditions, such as VP8STI/SGI, ST0R, etc. He has been a part of winning contest expeditions of IG9A, TS7N, 3V8SS and KH2S etc. He is a core member of Austrian HQ team OE0HQ. He is regularly seen at WRTC, either as a competitor (1996, 2000, 2010), an alternate (1990) or a referee (2006, 2014, 2018).

    JH4RHF Jun Tanaka

    I have held a ham license since 1957. My retirement QTH is near the Gulf of Mexico beach in SW Florida. I have operated from Ethiopia, Alaska, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and seven different US states I have operated as ET3USA, KL7IDH, K5KG/LU, K5KG/OH0, K5KG/OJ0, K5KG/KH6, E51MMM, J75KG, J3ABP, 3B7RF, HZ1AB, VK2GC, JY8GW, ZL/K5KG, VS6/K5KG, 3B8/K5KG, PJ4/K5KG, KP2/K5KG and, most recently, TF/K5KG. I served was on the ARRL Contest Advisory Committee, and an officer in the Florida Contest Group. I was a volunteer at WRTC2014 & 2018. My contesting is primarily with CQWW, ARRL DX, FOC CW contests.

  • KC7V - Michael

    Mike Fulcher, KC7V Avid contester, member of FOC, A1-Op, and CWOPS. Founding member of the Arizona Outlaws Contest Club and the VooDoo Contest Group. Licensed 50 years. Visited 60 DXCC entities, operated from 40 and 22 zones. #1 Honor Roll for DXCC. I was a referee at WRTC1996 San Francisco, WRTC2006 Brazil, WRTC2014 Boston and WRTC2018 Germany. World Winner of ten plaques as part of the VooDoo Contest Group in the CQWWCW Contests. Calls used include 5U7MF, 5V7MF, 9G5MF, CN2MF, EL2MF, TY5MF, TZ6MF, XT2MF, XX9MF, 3X5A, ZC4Z, 4U0ITU, 5U5Z, 5V7A, 9G5AA, 9K2HN, CN5N, EL2A, TY5A, TZ6A, 4B2A, 3E3E

    KC7V Michael Fulcher
  • KU5B - Colin

    I was licensed in 2002 at 14 as KD5TMF and began my contesting career one week after getting licensed joining the W5SB crew for August NAQP SSB. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to operate from K5NZ, NX5M, W5KFT, K5NA, NR5M, G6PZ, V31UB, K1TTT, NR3X, K9CT, K5YAA, N4JF, and P40CJ. Although I now live in Santa Fe, NM, I have remained a core operating member of the NX5M and NR5M teams. WRTC 2022 will be my second WRTC as a referee after sitting behind team Y87K in WRTC 2018!

    KU5B Colin Jenkins
  • M0CFW(JK3GAD) - Kazunori

    Started Ham Radio in 1983, I was very lucky to be in HF world. Interested in contest and real change happened when joined university club JA3YKC, was taught how serious DX contest works, operating skills, importance of multipliers, technical skills, and many other topics. Moved to England in 1998 I got some flexibility in terms of allocating time for ham radio activities and invited as TM of JH4NMT in WRTC 2000. Recent contest activities includes 3B9KW (SOABHP 2022), 3B8M (MM 2021), MJ5Z, CN3A (M2 2014), D4C(MM 2013) and many others.

    M0CFW(JK3GAD) Kazunori Watanabe
  • N6AN - David

    A radio amateur since 1969, David Hodge, N6AN, is an avid contester and SOTA enthusiast who has operated from five continents. Once a professional hornist, he currently works in radio astronomy.

    N6AN David Hodge

    Amateur Radio Operator (licensed as WN4IMC since 1962 at 12 years of aged) Callsign from 1963-2000-WA4IMC.. Changed to vanity call sign NF4A in 2000. • ARRL DX Honor Roll • Referee, WRTC-2006 held in Brazil in July 2006. Referee WRTC-2014 New England/USA. Referee WRTC-2018 Lutherstadt, Germany. • Current Southeastern Division Representative on the ARRL Contest Advisory Committee. • Other amateur call signs held: P4/WA4IMC, HA/WA4IMC, OK8EMC (first US ham to hold OK Callsign 1991), T9/NF4A(BIH), 9A/WA4IMC, 9A/NF4A, C92A Occupation: Broadcast Engineer since 1971

  • NP4G - Otis

    On the air as Otis, His first encounter with Contesting was from W9YB Purdue University Ham Radio Club. After training in Orthodontics, Otis returned home to Puerto Rico in 2008 upgraded his callsing and obtained NP4G. He is the founding chairman of the ARRL KP4 State Convention. He has contested both individually from his own station but also team efforts from KP3Z and also from K3LR where is a regular guest operators for many years. He has also ventured into DXpeditioning going on solo dxpeditionds and most recently part of the 3Y0J Bouvet team in January 2023. exciting to be part of WRTC.

    NP4G Otis Vicens
  • NX4N - Chris

    Ham for 52 years; Amateur Extra license. Contesting since 1978 single & multi-op including N4WW team for 40+ years. CW&SSB contests include CQWW, WPX, ARRL DX, IARU Radiosport, ARRL Sweepstakes, ARRL 10m and the Florida QSO Party. Contest expeditions include J7A, C6AWW, ZP5/NX4N, VP5WW, HH2WW, HH2B and PJ1W. SSCW SOHP Top 10 results and SE Division wins several times. FQP M/M Mobile K4OJ team leader. WRTC 2014 onsite support team with my son. Authored articles for QST and NCJ magazines. 2022 HamCation Contest University CTU presentation with K5KG. Retired electrical engineer and manager.

    NX4N Chris Blake
  • OE2VEL - Wolf

    Born in 1959 in Salzburg, Austria, I got my licence 1975 and soon started DX-ing and contesting. My first DX-pedition in 1978 to HB0 was followed by many others mainly for contests to all 6 continents. Till today I visited 105 DXCC-countries and operated from 48. As I still enjoy travelling and pile-ups I am sure these figures will increase. Photo shows the preparation for CQWW-CW 2022 as P44X, focus is to have fun! At home I am one of the founders of the OE2DX-Group back in 1989. We started contesting with a club licence as OE2XEL, since 1994 you hear us as OE2S in most bigger contests.

  • OH2KI - Jorma

    OH2KI - Licensed in 1962, first OH3XZ, then OH2KI, ZB2X as the main contest call, US call K6KI , VE FCC examiner - WRTC referee or VE team in California 1996, WRTC host in Finland for ON team - participated in major contests ever since - achievements: CQWW AB SOAB European winner, CQWW single band records SOSB, tallying 15 own plaques - member of many CQWW record making winning multi teams, - decades long membership in the CQWWCC, resigned Personal data: age 75 years, retired CIO and Managing Consultant for ICT security

    OH2KI Jorma Saloranta
  • OK1RI - Jiri

    Longtime Ham radio professional, youth licensed OL1APA in 1970, ex OK1DWA, JT0WA in 1981; OK5R contest multi-ops team co-founder in 80´s and later single-op contest trophies winner; leader of OL4A contest team; major coordinator of remarkable expedition and contest operations: Pacific T30R 1999, T22RD 2001; C5A 2010, 2011, 2012; member of CN2R team 2015, 2016, 2017 and 5E5E team 2016; Czech IARU team OLxHQ; co-leading member and antenna designer of CN3A contest group since 2018; president of Czech Radio Club; graduated radiocommunication engineer; paleo-magnetometer designer.

    OK1RI Jiri Sanda
  • OM6NM - Norbert

    Norbert Moravansky, OM6NM, youth licensed OL9CUL in 1987, ex member of OK3RRC, OM3RRC, ex-licensed OK3TUL, OM3TUL; licensed OK8NM in Czech Republic. Member of: Florida Contest Group since 2003; OM3KHE/OM6A VHF UHF Contest team since 2004; PJ4Y contest team 2005; Gambia CQ WW contest operations: C50C 2007, C5A 2010, 2011, 2012; OL4A contest team since 2009; CN2R operations 2015, 2016, 2017, 5E5E contest operation 2016; member of CN3A contest team since 2018; Czech IARU team OLxHQ; referee at WRTC 2014 in Boston, USA; first vise-president of Slovak Amateur Radio Association; forensic pathologist in professional life.

    OM6NM Norbert Moravansky
  • ON5RA - Pascal

    I am born in Bruges Belgium on august 23, 1965. Already at young age I was fascinated by wireless communication, mainly free radio, listening on short and medium wave. In 1992 I passed the exam for radio amateur as ON1ALP. 6 months later I received my full HAREC licence as ON5RA. I am mostly active in CW during the major contests from the clubstations ON6BR, OT5A, OP4K & OP0HQ Also board member of the Bruges UBA section OSB with callsign ON6BR April 2022 joining the team to Svalbard JW0X. About my job: Since 1986 I have been working for a multinational, currently as performance auditor.

    ON5RA Pascal Lierman
  • PA3AAV - Gert

    Profession: Electrical Engineer at a waste–to-energy company. Licenced: In 1977, started contesting in 1988 CQWW CW contest at the PA6DX multi-multi contest station.After 3 years of multi-multi CW started with multi-single SSB contesting at PA7MM for 15 years, while at the same time participating in many other contests with CW (my favorite mode) from my home station.Started with SO2R contesting in 2001 which evolved in the design and building of a fully automated one tower SO2R contest station.Participating yearly in+150 contests with + 50k SO2R qso's per year.

    PA3AAV Gert Meinen
  • PJ2DX W0CG - Geoff

    Founder and event organizer for contest station PJ2T, Curacao, and member of CQ Contest Hall of Fame. First licensed in 1963 as WN8KUW, Wheeling, West Virginia, U.S. Active contester almost exclusively from PJ2T since year 2000, organizing and operating in almost all team events from that QTH. Retired Professor, Systems Analysis, Kent State University, U.S., and retired Colonel, U.S. Air Force. Licensed P.E. and Certified Flight Instructor, airplanes and instruments. Certified SCUBA diver. Reside in Coeur d Alene, Idaho; Suffield, Ohio; and Curacao. Lifetime legal resident of Curacao.

    PJ2DX W0CG Geoff Howard
  • RA0AM - Leonid

    First HAM radio license 1970. Participated in more than 1200 international and local contests. Have been actively involved in winning teams as H22A (1st IARU 1997), RW0A (1st WW CW 2021), UC0B (1st WPX CW 2021). Organized and operated as part of R0HQ team in 2008 and 2020 SRR headquarters in IARU contest. Took part in WRTC 2000, WRTC 2006, WRTC 2014, WRTC 2018 as part of the Russian delegation. Been a judge in area and Russia ham radio champoinships. Education - Electronic Engineer, Doctor of Sciences in Micro Electronics.

    RA0AM Leonid Lishnev
  • RA9USU - Dmitry

    I became an amateur radio operator when I was 8 years old. Forty years later, I'm still enjoying the hobby. DX-peditioner, contester, and sailor at heart, I visited 123 countries and operated from some of them too. Throughout those years, I maintained good relationships with fellow amateurs, hoping that the WRTC's good-will spirit would prevail. Together, we will overcome all the challenges this world brings us. Keep the hobby alive!

    RA9USU Dmitry Zhikharev
  • S50R - Leo

    I was licensed in1965 as 15 years old HAM in former Yugoslavia as YU3TXT I was one of the first SSB stations in Yugoslavia (later YU3SO), till I obtain S50R. I got a license in 1969 as KB0YAB also. As a referee, I participated in San Francisco, Slovenia, Finland, Russia, and Germany. I took part in a number of CQ WW Contests around the world J6DX, J6A, S51SO/4U1, S50R/J6, J68RR, PJ2/S50R, J3/S50R, IG9A, SV5/S50R, 9A/S50R, 4U-Golan, ...Usually, I operate from Slovenia in Ljubljana, Idrija, and Mt.Črni vrh

    S50R Leo Xhoko
  • S53ZO - Simon

    Born 1977, ham since 1990. Member of S53M club, also active with TK0C team. Main interest is HF contesting, but also active from 160m to 10cm, all modes but prefer CW and phone. Other hobbies include traveling, sailing and flying. Husband, father of two, makes a living as a manager in the food industry.

    S53ZO Simon Ravnic
  • S57AL - Ivo

    S57AL Ivo Jereb
  • S57AW - Robert

    I have been active in hamradio since getting my first license back in 1987. My primary interest is HF contesting. WRTC-2022 will be my 5th WRTC which I will attend, as visitor in San Francisco in 1996, organizer in Slovenia in 2000 and competitor in Russia 2010, USA 2014 and Germany 2018. I am an active SCC member and Contest Manager responsible for well know EUHFC. I am married and have two nice daughters. I love Italy, its people and their hospitality and I want the WRTC 2022 to be a great success, especially after all the problems with the pandemic and the current tense situation in EU.

    S57AW Robert Bajuk
  • SP4Z - Wieslaw

    I became a ham radio in 1976, age of 11. This hobby inspired me to become an electrical engineer. I have ca 300k radio contacts in my log with all DXCC countries. DXing and Contesting as a "deadly disease" will stay with me forever. Despite other modern communication techniques, it has the charm that you have a radio and an antenna and you don't need anything else. You don't know who you'll meet on the bands, how Contest will run. We depend only on propagation, experience, appropriate strategy, skills. These aspects I can learn from the best operators of the World in WRTC Bologna as a referee.

    SP4Z Wieslaw Kosinski
  • SV2DCD - Leonidas

    Lisenced since 1997 Contesting since 2000 I learned all about contesting from my mentor SV8CS Contest calls and team member of IG9A,SY8A,SY2S,SX9C,SX9V,J42L J42L contest station owner

    SV2DCD Leonidas Fiskas
  • UW8SM - Andrii

    My name is Andrii UW8SM ex UR5SFX. I am 42 years old, I live in Ukraine. I made my first CW QSO in 1994. I learned Morse code at the age of 13 at a club station UB4SXS. Took part in HST competitions. Participated in competitions from such stations as: IR4X , UZ2M , UW5Y, HG7T, CU4DX, 4X2M, TC0X, UR7D. Most of all, I like CW competitions, but I also work phone and digital. In addition, I hunting for DX on HF and VHF, had few QSO on LF 136 KHz. The most favorite band is 6m. I am also interested SOTA.

    UW8SM Andrii Yanuliavichus
  • W0YK - Ed

    W0YK Ed Muns
  • W1VE - Gerald

    I am a Canadian living in the USA, first licensed at age 17 (1975). In 1978, I returned to Canada for college. Thus began of a 40+ year love of multi-op contesting. After college, I worked at ARRL HQ, contesting with K1ZZ, K1TO and others. Over the years, 100s of multi-ops at well-known stations produced top-10 scores, wins and great memories. I pioneered real-time score reporting in 2007 with My current passion is remote Contesting. WRTC 2014 Volenteer and WRTC 2018 Referee. Calls: WA4UUX, AK4L, W1VE, VE1BXC, VE1RM, VE4CDX, VY1AAA, ZF2VE, CY0SAB, CY0SPI, 8P1V.

    W1VE Gerald Hull
  • W4LT - Luis

    First licensed in 1976 as WN3BZC First contest: ARRL November '76 SweepStakes CW - WAS with 75w and a 40/15m dipole in a weekend! Competed as VP2MLU (2014) and 9V1/W4LT (2010) in IARU In Top 10 box of ARRL SS SSB SOLP Unlimited, #1 in class 4 times since 2008 Multi Op team member: NQ4I, N4GI, and N4WW for several SSB and CW contests Designed, built and manage Tampa ARC's Remote stations and repeater systems President of Tampa ARC 2001-2002 Specialize in systems integration, computer logging setup/ops and remote station Contesting Retired after 41 yrs in TV Broadcast Ops & Engineering

    W4LT Luis Romero
  • W6NV - Oliver

    Oliver Sweningsen, W6NV Oliver’s home call is W6NV and, he has 50 years of contesting experience. W6NV has keen interest in WRTC and, he has actively participated past WRTCs as volunteer and HQ station operator. As an electrical engineer, Oliver worked and traveled worldwide, holding many call signs and operating from many contest stations. Recent major contest operations include: 3B8M, FM5KC, NH7T, KH6LC, 8Q7ZO, 6W1RY, CR2M, ZD7W, ZD8W. His California contest station often operates as: N6DZ and W6WB. Oliver is looking forward to being a referee for WRTC 2022 and making many new friends.

    W6NV Oliver Sweningsen
  • W9KKN - Bill

    W9KKN Bill Fehring
  • WC1M - Richard

    Dick Green WC1M has operated in over 135 contests, placing top-ten USA in CQ WW CW, ARRL DX CW, CW WPX CW and IARU, 1st place USA in 2003 CQ WW CW, and 1st-place on six multi-op teams in major SSB contests. He was a Director and Treasurer of WRTC2014, Chair of the ARRL CAC and lead security designer for ARRL LoTW. He holds the DXCC #1 Honor Roll award. Dick has been a software entrepreneur, CEO, venture capital investor and business consultant, and has served on 6 for-profit and 6 non-profit Boards of Directors. He is currently Interim Executive Director of a non-profit human services agency.

    WC1M Richard Green
  • YL2KL - Girts

    Contester since 1975, has operated as a single op, multi single, multi 2, MM. Member of multi teams at UQ0A, 4L0Q, H20A, H22A, 5B4/RS3A, IG9A, C53M, C5P, PJ4U, OH0I, EG8FAS, EI7M, EA8EW (CQWW CW winner 2006), EE8A, D4C (CQWW CW winner 2008 with world record) and some SO activities as YL8M, FG/YL2KL, 9Y4W (ARRL CW), D4C. DX pedition 2018 3C3W / 3C0W Some results: 1st ARRL CW 2005 and 2009 SOA(9Y4W, D4C) 1st WPXCW 2004 M2(PJ4U) 1st WWCW M2 2006(EA8EW), 2008(D4C), 2015(D4C) M2 (still World record) 1st WWCW 2011 MS (D4C) 1st WWCW 2012 and 2013 MM(D4C) 1stEU WPXCW 2010 M2(II9P)

    YL2KL Girts Budis
  • YO8TTT - Alexandru

    Name: Alexandru Mancas Callsign: YO8TTT Born: 1993 Country: Romania Occupation: telecommunications engineer Previous WRTC experience: Competitor 2018 I started back in 2004 with learning morse code and took my license in 2006. From 2007 I started to work on the air. Contesting and HST (High Speed Telegraphy) is my favorite activities in this hobby. I had the pleasure to take part in WRTC 2018 in Germany as a competitor and looking forward to do it again as a referee. I have been worked from ED8X, EI0W, HG7T, LY4A, UW5Y, YU5R, YP8T, YR8D, YR8E, 4O/YO8TTT, LY/YO8TTT, YL/YO8TTT, YU/YO8TTT.

    YO8TTT Alexandru Mancas
  • YT7AW - Goran

    Growing up in HAM family, my first contest was 1994 WAE CW at age of 11, and fell in love with contesting and CW ever since. I had several top finishes in WW and WPX either as single or multi entry with YU5R and YT0A teams. Quite successful with High Speed Telegraphy (HST), winning several world titles and records. Proud father of YU4LAW licensed at age of 8, and inspiring my younger son to join us soon.

    YT7AW Goran Hajosevic

    Hi there I started my ham radio life in Belgrade in YU1EXY -YT0A radio club 1981 year. Mainly active in constructions amps and antennas, also working in contests. From 2005 moved to live in New Zealand and started to be more active with my callsign ZL3WW - ZL3A. Done contests from ZM1A category M2. Have been on expeditions 9M0W/2018 and ZK3A / 2019 year. I have also American callsign KW3X. Regards Dusko