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  • EA8RM - Juan Jesus

    Juan Jesus
  • EA2W - Jon

    I was born and live in San Sebastian in the Basque Country. Since I was a child I was very curious about technology and communications. When I was 12, I got a walkie-talkie and started to get interested in ham radio. I spent some years on CB and then got my first Ham License in 1998. My first contest experience was on CQ WW SSB 2003. Thanks to my CW Elmer, Mr. Angel EA2BNU, CW contesting is now my passion.

  • 5T5PA - Johannes

  • KF5EYY - Ashraf

    I'm a Contester and DXer mainly interested in low bands. I was WRTC 2014 competitor qualified from Africa. I operated from various countries, used callsigns: NR5M, TA1 / KF5EYY, RA / KF5EYY, YU / 3V8SS, G0 / 3V8SS, A71QND, LZ14IARU, LA / KF5EYY, CN2R, YB9 / KF5EYY, PA / KF5EYY / P, JI3ZAG, DL / KF5EYY, HB9EOU, 4U1ITU and 7X7X. I'm currently the president of Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens ARAT. I hold the YASME Award 2013 for my efforts setting up amateur radio regulations in Tunisia.

  • ZR2A - Ulrich

    SWL since 1979, I became DL2HBX in 1983 at age 18 and started DXing and contesting with a very modest setup. Joined the BCC in 1988 and operated from LX7A, 3V8BB, CN8WW and other places. Moved to the U.S. from 2003 to 2009 for work, operated as KK8I, also at K8CC, K8AZ and K3LR. Changed to DM5EE in July 2013 and had my first tower, beam and PA. Enjoyed several M/M contests at DR1A, M/2 at VP2MDX 2014, served as referee at WRTC 2018, then moved to South Africa until 2021 where I operated as ZR2A. Tnx to ZS2PA, ZS2DL, V51Q and ZS4TX for offering their stations to qualify for this unique event.

  • DL9EE - Holger

    First licensed was 1980 at age 17 as DH6LAD, later callsign were DL5LAW changes 1994 in DL9EE. Most activity was and is on CW. 8 years as CW-OP at the German Navy from 1987 - 1995. Contest OP at DA0HQ, DA0T, DF0HQ, DK0PC, DL0CS, DR0W, DR1A, DR1D, DR4A, CR3W, TM6M. Previous WRTC experience: WRTC 2018 as Referee in Germany. I am honored to be invited as a TM to WRTC2022 by Uli, ZR2A (DM5EE) and looking forward to participate in this most notable for the HF Operator competition. I am very thankful for the support of many friends and of course my wife Galina.

  • RM9I - Oleg

    I was born on October 14, 1970 My first call RZ9HT. Over the past time, I have been able to visit the leading contest stations located in various parts of the world.(CN2AA;EF8R;CR3X;UP2L;W3UA;K1LZ;DA0HQ;RW0A;RM5A;UA2F) Working in competitions on these excellent stations next to the best radio operators has given me invaluable experience and knowledge. In 2014 and 2018, I managed to visit two WRTCs as a guest. Watching this festival of contesting from the outside encouraged me to try my hand at qualifying for the next WRTC2022. It was a difficult path, I'm glad that I succeeded. See you!

  • UN9L - Pavel

    At the age of 14, I made the first connection at the club station of the city of Kostanay (Kazakhstan). And since 1979 I have been working at the radio station SWL UL7-026-476. The first call sign was received in 1989 by UL7LAH. Then UN9LM 1993. Since 2005 and now UN9L. Also interested in VHF contact and qso space views via EME and SAT ISS. I work at UHF VHF EME SAT competitions from my home. I work with all types of communication CW SSB DIGI. I also really enjoy working with DX. Trophy winner 11 BAND DXCC plague . 73! And see in the contest ! de UN9L Pavel

  • 4X6FR - Zvi

    I first became fascinated by Amateur Radio in 1980, My main interest became very fast chasing DX and contesting, many of them as Multi-single with Seth 4X1DX my contest partner for the last 40 years, lately under the call 4X7R. In 2001-2003, my contesting experience took a huge step forward after visiting Frank W3LPL and having an opportunity to operate with the team. WRTC 2018 was a dream come true. looking forward for WRTC in Italy to meet you all.

  • 4X1DX - Seth

    I first started out in ham Radio about 1978 . introduced then to the hobby by my father 4X1DR (Doctor Ray) and I was “bitten by the bug” immediately. Licensed in 1980 and shortly started DXing and contesting . over the years operated many contests from different locations, many of them together with my friend and contest partner Zvi 4X6FR. For me the super effort needed in contests , to hear those weak rare multipliers and the rush of a big pileup is what makes is so exciting. I think we are all members of a great hobby which allows us to develop many capabilities and of course meet friends world wide. Big Thank you to my wife Maya for all the support in all my ham radio activities. Looking forward to seeing you all in WRTC and working you all in the contests.

  • BA1RB - Bin

    My name is Fanbin, callsign is BA1RB. I was the 1st batch of amateur radio operators since China re-open individual license in 1992. I am the leader of B1Z contest station located in Beijing. I was the operator of BS7H 2007. I was also the station master of double Olympic stations -- 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (BT1OB, BT1OJ, BT1OH, BT1OY, BT1ON), and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games (BY1CRA/WO22). I like contest with team, hope to meet with you in Bologna!

  • BA4TB - Dale

    Started amateur radio in 1995 as a novice,then became interested in DXing and contesting.Chasing DX with low power and wire antennas. At early days,I was joining the team at BY4RSA and B4R in most of the contests. Having been participated from various places as B4T,BI4SSB,BY4SZ,BxHQ,BY5CD,BD9XE and B9/BY9GA etc. Currently hold few BY records as BA4TB.

    Bavarian Contest Club
  • VR2XAN - Alberto

  • IK2PFL - Luca

    Licensed in 1989, I have been a CW fan since ever. After meeting contesters in the local club, I started to practice until I got addicted :) Ham radio allowed me to meet friends in a lot of countries, I have operated in V2, FS, YN, D4, W, VR2, XX9, 9M2, VK, CN, and in the main italian contest stations. My job is in the microelectronics, I work for an US company, I manage the field application team for our major account. Keen on HW/FW design, I have built several "boxes" like VHF transverters, smart SO2R, various PAs, station controllers, filters, antennas, and many others. First WRTC for me.

  • E21EIC - Champ

    Recipient of YASME Excellence Award and CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame, Champ began his journey in 1993, operating mainly from HS∅AC, XW1IC/XW∅YJY and E2A in major contests. He is now focused on nurturing the future Thai HAMs from his E2∅AX Siam DX Group Club Station. Previous experience and DXpeditions callsigns include: JH1TEQ, PS2T (WRTC2006), XZ∅A, XW1HS, 9M4JB, XU7POS, W1AW, K7RC, W7RN, W1CU, XU1A, XZ1Z, XZ1J, XZ1A, Y86P (WRTC2018), E31A, OH∅C, OJ∅A, and A5A. Thank you Fred Laun K3ZO/HS∅ZAR for your continuous guidance and support. This WRTC is dedicated to Zorro JH1AJT and Franz DJ9ZB.


    First licensed in 2010, I spend most of my time following news of DXpeditions, chasing new DXCCs, and joining in all the contests during the weekends. I love CW. Champ E21EIC introduced me to WRTC in 2020 and since then it has been my dream to participate in such prestigious event. In the last 3 years, I competed mainly under E2A from E20AX Club Station in downtown Bangkok. This will be my first time in WRTC and I look forward to meeting all the world-class contesters in Italy.

    K3ZO / HS0ZAR Fred Laun
  • JA1BJI - Taro

    I first became interested in contests when I joined the amateur radio club in junior high school and saw members participating in the Domestic Field Day Contest before I got my radio license. In 1979, at the age of 15, I got my amateur radio license and soon started participating in domestic and DX contests. Later, I participated in several contests from overseas (2000 / 2001 WW DX CW as NH0S). When I moved to Yokohama city in 2004, I built a tower and started participating contests in the low power category more enthusiastically until now. My favorite mode is CW and RTTY. Also, JG3VEI, NH0V

  • JR2GRX - Hajime

    I got my first license in 1996 when I was 12 years old. I entered the world of radio in a junior high school club, and my first QSO was also a contest. For a while, I participated mainly in domestic contests from the top of a mountain in field day style. Since 2015, I have built a shack on top of a mountain in Shizuoka and have been participating in many contests as a single-op JR2GRX. I enjoy the contests, experimenting with station equipment and antennas. I am very much looking forward to participating in the WRTC.

  • JH5GHM - Katsuhiro

  • WA1Z - Bob

    Member of the KC1XX contesting team since 2004 Participated in several multi-ops outside of USA under the calls PJ4X, VP9I and VP2MSS Volunteer for WRTC 2014 JH5GHM's Teammate at WRTC 2018

  • NP4Z - Felipe

  • N2NT - Andrew

    I have been a ham since 1972, presently employed as a manager in the Marine communications industry. I have been active in contesting for over 40 years. My favorite mode is CW, and favorite contests are the NA Sprint and CQWW. I have had the great fortune to operate at some of the best stations in the world including W2YV, W2PV, NF2L, K3LR, VY2ZM, K1LZ, W2RE/1, VP2E, NP4A (where I met NP4Z), KP2A, PJ4K, and many others. I have built my own competitive station in central NJ, and the V47T contest station in St. Kitts. I am a veteran of 5 WRTCs and a member of the 2014 WRTC organizing committee.

    Frankford Radio Club FRC
  • LY4A - Roli

    I started ham radio in 1984 when was age of 11 as SWL UP2-038-1360 and in same year UP2BFY when upgraded to LY2FY and LY4A. Soon became interested in contesting from UP1BYK, LY1YK, LY5A where part of the team in major events like CQ WW and CQ WPX and more. My favorite contests for many years are CQWW, CQ WPX, CQ 160, EUHFC. I was part of many nice contest teams EF8R, CN3A, CN2AA, P3N, 4L3A, LY2W, LY7A, LY5A and more. Its my first WRTC...

  • OM3RM - Tibi

    I was first licensed in 1973 as OL8CCJ at the age of 17 years. Later I got OK3CJK, OK3CEM (Extra class ) and finally OM3RM. I have started with an 8 Watts homemade station on 160m band. I have spent a lot of time on bands at OK3RJS. My big role model was Harry OM3EA, thanks to whom I started with contesting. I was the winner of Europe SOAB in CQ WW CW 1995, more times as world winner in CQ WPX CW and CQ WW SSB world winner single band. Outside OM land I worked from 4U1ITU, 7W2OM, CT9M, CQ3A, CR3A, CR2X , D4C, IS0 /OM3RM, SV5/OM3RM , 9A/OM3RM, OE/OM3RM and CT9ABN. Participant on WRTC 2010, WRTC 2014, WRTC 2018 and WRTC2022. Since 2004 I am a member of the OM8A contest team and in 2017 we founded with the team the CR3DX contest club. I am looking forward to WRTC2022 and meeting internationally recognized ham operators in person.

    IZ4COW Giuseppe Ferioli
  • IZ8JAI - Domenico

    I was licensed in 2006, for the first few years I was focused on DX, then I met the II9P guys, and after joining the group, I got passionate about contests. This is my first WRTC, and I will give my best to get a good position in the final standings.

  • IZ8FWN - Pietro

    Start with contest activity in 2003! Active during most important SSB and CW contest. Guest operator at Z38M,IL7M,1A4A,1A3A,IU4HQ@IR4T,II8HQ,D4C,ID8/IQ8CS,II9P,9A1A.

    Associazione Radioamatori Italiani ARI - ARI Bologna and friends of Nerio I4NE
  • GD4XUM - Martin

    I am an electrical engineer and have run my own company since 2009. First licensed in 1983 mainly operating on VHF with weak signals and contests. I started entering both SSB and CW HF contests in 1991 with G0KPW (M6T) and then formed the MD4K team in 2002 where we set about building a station mainly for UK domestic contesting. In 2007 i got the travel bug and since then have travelled all around the world to operate the major HF contests. Calls used during these trips are 9M6AAC, P3F, 6Y1V, PJ2T, KH7X, VP2MDG, ZF1UM, S79K, PZ5K, H33K and PJ4K.

  • G3NKC - Dave

    I was first licensed in 1977, and found Dxing and contesting early on. I have competed in many contests since 1986; as part of Lichfield ARS, and later from MD4K (Manx Kippers CG). I have travelled since 2006 to many locations for CQWW contests, including P3F, 6Y1V, PJ2T, KH7X, VP2MDX, PZ5K, S79K and PJ4K. I work both CW and SSB

    Friends of Roger G3SXW (SK)
  • OR2F - Lyubomir

    I got my first radio amateur C-license in 1979 when I operated the club radio station LZ2KSB, located in my home town Balchik (KN43BJ). In that time I have had fortunate to be introduced and guided in HF-contesting by LZ2RF(sk) and LZ2ZZ (sk). Later in 2000, after passing my radio amateur Class-1 exam, I became LZ2LDS (as well as LZ2L). Couple of years ago I took my chance changing it to LZ6AJ. Immediately after I got my official Belgium residence (2008) I became ON8LDS, and OR2F a bit later as well. For all this time I'm regular member of UBA section OSB. 73 and Good Luck in WRTC2023 !

  • LZ4AX - Alexander

    I did my first contest exactly 40 years ago. Since then, I have had the chance to experience what contesting is like from different locations on 5 continents – from the equator to above the Arctic circle. Most of my contesting career, though, took place in the US. For many years I operated the K3CR super-station that NW3Z and WA3FET had built at Penn State. With this station I held the US SOAB records in CQ WW CW and CQ WPX CW for almost 10 years. That big station is now history but even though my current antenna farm is limited to 2 wires on a city lot in Atlanta, I enjoy contesting even more.

  • DJ5MW - Manfred

    I've started ham radio in 1987 at the age of 15 and soon was infected by the DX and Contest virus (previous call DL2MEH). First DXpeditions were made to HB0, C3, T7 and 4U1VIC. But the highlight was obviously participating 3 times from CN8WW in 1999 and 2000 in CQWW. My preferred mode is CW, but I also like SSB, when there is something going on. Since 2002 I was able to build our club station on a mountain top QTH in southern Germany. This is my 4th WRTC. I've been to Bled in 2000 (#4 as S517W), Boston in 2014 (#3 as W1P) and Wittenberg in 2018 (#2 as Y81A)

  • DL1IAO - Stefan

    I received my license in 1990 at age 14 and used my dads station (DJ1DB) a lot until I met DK1NO to operate from his hilltop. Later I was lucky enough to have the DL0WW clubstation nearby with some excellent antennas. All the time I have been contesting together with my friend Manfred DJ5MW and we had our best corporate contesting experiences during the last two WRTCs. Lately, I have shifted my attention to raising the next generation of contesters putting me seriously off the air. Being back at the radio in Bologna will be great.

    RF-Kit Reinhard Förtsch
  • DL5AXX - Ulf

    Started as SWL in 1978 and got infected with the contest bug in the late 80's at Y34K (now DF0HQ). In 2000 I began to travel for some contests to GD, CU, J3 and CT9. After moving in 2010 I was able to build a modest contest station, where the DM6V acitivities takes place. Finally in 2016 with some others I took over the responsibilty for CR3W (before CR3L). Now most of my contest activities are at CR3W.

  • DL7FER - Felix

    Licensed since 1993, I got into contesting in the 2000s. I am a regular at DF0HQ multi-ops and used to operate as DLØUM and DM6V among others. Attended WRTC 2018 as referee. Notable contesting experiences from abroad include E4/DL7FER, TS7N, STØRY, 4L1Z, VE3RM, WC6H, SU1KM, TM6M, Z68FX, 7X2ARA, and, most recently, CR3W. I was active from 28 DXCCs so far and prefer CW and SSB over digi modes. In real life my wife and I have two young sons who keep us busy. Holding a PhD in Political Science, I work in the banking sector with a focus on compliance.

  • SP7GIQ - Krzysztof

  • SP7IVO - Boguslaw

  • RA3CO - Dmitry

    Dmitry was first licensed at the age of 14 in 1986 as RV9CFA, upgraded to RA9CO. He soon became interested in contesting and joined UZ9CWW where he learned the ropes by being part of the team in major events like WAEDC, All Asian DX, CQ WW and CQ WPX. In late 1990s he joined RK3AWL/RL3A. in 2013 Dmitry was at the core of the team at CN2AA success which culminated in a CQ WW records in MS and MM which stand until today. His other operations included VP5/RA9CO, A52CO, C6AWL, CN2CO and PZ5CO as well a some guest operations. Dmitry was a WRTC competitor in Florianopolis, Moscow and Boston.

  • RA3AUU - Igor "Harry"

    Participated in WRTC: 1996 Competitor with ON4UN 2000 Competitor with RV1AW 2002 Competitor with RV1AW 2006 Ccompetitor with RV1AW 2010 Organizer 2014 Referee 2018 Guest P33W and RU3A in contests

    Igor "Harry"
  • UA4FER - Igor

    This will be my second WRTC as a team mate of Oleg, R8CT. In main contests I work usually in multi op team at RT4F or P33W.

  • LZ2HM - Andy

    LZ2HM, LZ9A, 5B4AMX, H25A, 3D2RA, WX7AA, ZA3WW, 6Y0HM I started with Amateur Radio in 1983 at the age of 8. Mainly active on HST,ARDF , VHF the 2 years from club station LZ2KDR and quickly go to the short waves contesting . My first big HF Contest was the CQWW SSB 1987 from Contest Station LZ2KAD.Got my own license in 1991 as LZ2HM . 1995 I was take a Contest call LZ9A to present days for activity…One of my favourite contest is the WAEDC including all the QTC stuff! Most of the contests I take part in Multi-Op activities P33W, LZ5R, LZ9W or some BY clubs, because it is just more fun in the team….in single category a last few year very active from H25A and LZ9A >300 contest activity / >20 Dxpedition/ 25 years experience in organization of HF,VHF,HST and ARDF competition . Confirmed 339 DXCC together with LOTW . Awards 11BDXCC . After finish my MSc degree in Technical university in Sofia , Bulgaria CFOO&CTO of Telecommunications Company. Specializes in RF Engineer Communications. I keep living and working there. My friends and family help me to build a Contest Stations near to Sofia, Bulgaria and Island of Cyprus, where I've taken part in hundreds of contests. So I really like a hobby and it is a part of my life. I can't really imagine my life without HAM radio,Contesting, DXpedition. Competitor at WRTC 2006 (PT5E) with Krassy K1LZ in Florianopolis, Brazil Referee at WRTC 2014 in Boston,MA, USA See you all in Italy !!!

  • EC2DX - Imanol

    Amateur radio since 1993 but active contester since 2006, some of the contest calls used, EE2W, EA2EA, EF4HQ, ED1R, KC1XX, EA8RM.... and Y86J in the last WRTC.

  • CT1ILT - Filipe

    Amateur radio since 2002, operated in the past from VP5X, 6Y1V, TI5W, CR3A, but mainly from CR6K, the station my father (CT1CJJ) and myself built over the years. CW lover so #CW4EVER

  • F8DBF - Sebastien

    I'm 43 years old and I'm technician on logistic and management. I was born in Brest (North West France). I began the amateur radio on 1999 with F4DBF callsign (CEPT class B) and discovered the 6 meters and 2 meters. I learned the CW and obtain the CEPT class A with my actual callsign F8DBF on 2002. Till, was QRV for major contest from TM6M radio club and still have my own station QRV 160m to 23cm for DX all mode mainly. Was W1S on WRTC 2014 (14th place) and was Y81M on WRTC 2018 (4th place). Very enjoy to participate again on 2022 WRTC in Italy. Best 73's Seb

  • F1AKK - Olivier

    I'm 45 years.,Truck Driver. Ham radio since 1995 i was 1st interested in V,U,SHF. Than, I came for work in 1997 into Brest and in the 2003 we started contest on HF with little setup, We saw that our qth was good enough particulary for NA. We improved station with our nice technician F5TTU Xavier.We can't udapte setup more,so we're happy to stay in game with others big antennas farms in Europe! We are mainly qrv in M/S in greatest contest during the year!We were 1st ,in Boston as competitor as W1S,than DL asY81M !.Fantastic to be back for a 3rd time in a raw with my great friend Seb again!

  • 9A7DX - VEDRAN

    I'm born (1985) and raised in a small town in northeast part of Croatia. I become interested in HAM when I was 12 years old., got first operator class with 13 & 9A5AGL Call. From that point I started to work on BANDs and maybe a year later begin to do contests on HF & VHF. Few years later got extra class and 9A7DX. From that point I almost didn't miss any WW WPX EUHF , .... :) I'm positive, optimistic person who loves contesting above all. I’m happy and looking forward to be part of TOP Contesters 24h game again.

  • 9A3LG - Zvonko

    I was born in 1963. I fell in love with HAMRADIO in elementary school, in 1976, where I attended the course and passed the exam for the initial class operator. Since then, HAM is my biggest hobby. I especially liked the contesting, telegraphy, construction, and antenna design for HF and VHF. Later on, I've got the extra operator class and got the 9A3LG call which I have until today. I've always been a team work guy. Under the club call call 9A5Y (9A1CCY) I’ve participated in various categories in hundreds of HF and VHF contests. Personally, I'm honored to be part of WRTC competition again.

  • IZ1LBG - Filippo

    Born in 1990, I'm currently live near Turin with my wife and my 1 year old son. I'm a credit model developper for an italian banks. I started to get interested in ham radio back in 2005 when I was just if 15 years old. I got my license on March 2007 and I soon started to enjoy contesting and DXCC hunting. I have operated several time from CN3A and from many contest station in Italy as IR1G, IQ1RY, IR6T and many others. This will be my 2nd partecipation in a WRTC after the 2014 one where I have been selected as youth team leader.

  • IK3QAR - Paolo

    Licensed in 1990 at the age of 19 after 2 years of SWL activity, my main interest has always been HF Contesting. Having a minimal setup (100W, no amp and just a multi band vertical antenna), I focused mainly on CW. In 1997 I joined the IR4M (Romagna Contest Team). Since then, I have often operated in Multi-Single and also made some SO contest from their great station. I also operate with the II3W/IQ3KU team in a countryside contest station I own with other three friends. I've been active as IR4M, II3R, II3W, IQ3KU, IO1T, IY1GMS, IQ2CJ, II4HQ, IO4HQ, T70HQ, IB9T, IR9Y and a few more...

    Associazione Radioamatori Italiani ARI
  • S53MM - Matija

    My first WRTC expirience as competitor. Born in 1976, licenced since 1992. Interested in operating CW and SSB from 1,8 MHz to 10 GHz. Mostly QRV in SOAB category in HF contests. Occasionally QRV EME on 1,3 GHz CW. Member of S50C radioclub (mostly VHF) and TK0C (HF). I also like home constructing of antennas, filters, switching boxes, amplifiers, etc. Father of two kids, 6yrs and 9yrs . Professionally involved in area of radio monitoring.

  • S57K - Aleksander

    Licenced in 1981 at age 13 as YT3OP, after 1992 as S52OP and in 2015 I got callsign S57K. I took my first steps in to the contesting on VHF band. After moving to Ptuj to a new home, I started to get more serious about HF contesting. I am the president of Radioklub Ptuj (S59DJK), where I devote most of my free time to building our contest location on S50W. I've been a member of the TK0C team for the last few years. Look forward to seeing everyone in WRTC-2023!

  • EW6W - Valery

    My radioactivity began in 1996 at the children's club radio station EW6WU. I received my first callsign in 2013. I devote most of my time to designing radio engineering (exp antennas) and participating in competitions. In 2015 I became the world's first CQ WW SSB (Rookie) and set a world record. I built further activities in the creation of the contest station EW5A, which over the past 5 years has been in the top 10 of the world of CQ WW and CQ WPX contests. In 2022, EW5A won 1st place World in the IARU HF World Championship.

  • EU1A - Sergey

    I've been a ham since 1984 when, at the age of 13, I started learning Morse code at club station UC1AWZ (later EW1WZ) and became interested in contesting. In the late '90s, I had the opportunity to operate from major contest stations including K1TTT, WP4U, and others. In 1999, I received the EU1UN callsign, which I later changed to EU1A (contest calls EV1Z, EW5Z). My greatest contesting achievements were accomplished from my own competing-level station including high scores and placements in IARU HF, CQWPX, CQWW, and EUHFC. I'm a member of the EW5A@EW6W contest station, which has risen to the top-10 in the world over the last 3 years.

  • UB7K - Andy

    I started ham radio in 1987 when was 14 years old. In 1988 was my first CQWW and I began to take part actively in international contests. In 1990 i got my first callsign UB4JKO. In 1994 I became UU0JM. From 2014 I am UB7K. My favorite contests for many years are CQWW, WAE, CQ WPX and RDXC. And my favorite modes are SSB and CW. I took part in WRTC 2006, 2014, 2018 as a competitor. I was part of UU7J, UA7K, 4L0A, CN2AA, EF8R, CR3X...

  • RW7K - Andy

    In ham radio from 1994 when was 9 years old. In contesting from 1995 (10 years old). Competitor in wrtc 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018. UU7J contest team for many years, later UA7K team. 4L0A, CN2AA, EF8R, 6Y1V, ED8X, P33W, TX5A, RU1A, DR1A in CQ WW and WPX contests. Favorite band 160m. First WAS 160 in zone 16. DX Expeditions : C93DY, TX3T, TX7M, ZK3A.

  • E77DX - Emir

    HAM Radio OP since 1987 now E77DX, OE1EMS mostly heard in contest as E7DX ex call signs 4N4JJ, T94JJ, T93J over the years i was active as YU4JHI(YZ4X), OE1XTU, OE1A, OE1W, 4U1VIC, OE3A, OE3K,OE4A, 9A0R, 9A/OE1EMS, 9A/E77DX HB0/T94JJ, 8Q7DX, D4C, CN3A, ED8X, HZ1HZ, KP4/E77DX, 4O3T, 4O3A, 9A1P... participant on WRTC 2018 and WRTC 2022 in HAM Radio Business since 2013, offering Antenna and Tower work and as well Ham Radio Equipment sales and installations.

  • E70T - Vlado

    Age 64. Ham radio since 1975. I love contesting and DXing. I prefer CW work more than SSB, but I enjoy both. Member of the E74EBL (YU4EBL/YT4I) and E7DX team. Since 2007, I have been using the callsign E70T, previously used YU4WCW, YT4AY, T90T, E77EY. I also have a callsign in Croatia, 9A4CC. Active on all ham radio bands from 160m to 3cm.

  • K5ZD - Randy

    I was first licensed in 1973 at the age of 13 and have been in love with ham radio and contesting ever since. I have been fortunate to operate from many interesting places and stations around the world. I am very proud of winning DX and domestic contests from my own home station. I was Director of the CQ WPX Contest from 2008-2013 before becoming Director of the CQ WW from 2013-2015. I appreciate the friendships that radio competition has made possible. I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA. I currently work for a global systems integrator based in Poland. Golf is my second hobby.

  • W2SC - Tom

    I was first licensed in 1974 while I was in High School. My dad was a ham and got me interested in the hobby and we shared many positive radio experiences together. Ham Radio was also instrumental in my choice to pursue a career in Engineering. Contesting was at best a casual activity for many years until the early 90's when I finally had enough room to build a top 10 class station. I was fortunate enough to meet Randy, K5ZD who gave me the opportunity to operate from his fine station and I won my first contests. My professional career took my family and I to Kansas and California. Neither location afforded a chance to build a station, so I tried operating from the Caribbean in 1996. I eventually took over the famed 8P9Z station in 2001 and operated from there until 2020 when the landowner sold the property. I am in the process of rebuilding at another location and hope to be competing again in 2023. I have three kids and a wonderful wife Kathleen, a contest operator as well, whose unyielding support and understanding have made my contesting possible.

    TEAM Y84X - K6XX, WA6O, KW6S, K6GHA
  • W1UE - Dennis

    Dennis Egan W1UE was first licensed in 1969 as WN6HWQ. He soon discovered contesting, and has now been actively contesting over 50 years! He and his wife Carolyn spend much of their time doting on their 4 grandchildren, with regular visits and fun activities. Dennis is a retired Postmaster with a computer background. He has been instrumental in organizing and promoting various YCCC projects, including the YCCC SO2R Box and the SO2R Mini SO2r Controller. At the 2014 WRTC, he ran the equipment warehouse, keeping track of inventory and handling the logistics of dispersal and retrieval of equipment on the WRTC weekend. He also built most of the LED wattmeters that were used in WRTC 2014, 2018, and now 2023.

  • K1XM - Paul

    Paul Young, K1XM was first licensed in 1971 as WN1OCU. He quickly discovered contesting and has been enjoying it ever since. He and his wife Charlotte, KQ1F, enjoy travel and have operated contests from around the world. They also enjoy photography, scuba diving, and international folk dancing. Paul is a retired software engineer with a hardware background. He is involved in the development of several amateur radio devices, including the YCCC SO2R Box, the MOAS II antenna switch, and the YCCC SO2R Mini. He is the author of the OTRSP protocol and is the lead developer for

    N6XI Rick Tavan
  • NG0C - M. Charlie

    Licensed in 2009 as KL2SX out of necessity. My good friend Gary Chamberlain, NL7Q handed me a radio to take on the trapline and hunting camps in the Alaska Bush. Once I discovered contesting and DX I was hooked. My first contest was the 2011 CQ WPX SSB. Since moving back to Minnesota as NG0C, I have been very active in the major contests. Member of Minnesota Wireless Association and Twin Cities DX Association. My wife Malissa and I spend time with family while spoiling our 2 granddaughters. Hunting, fishing, and the outdoors are my passions.

    M. Charlie
  • AC0W - Bill

    Attracted to ham radio by attending Field Day, I initially became active in several areas. The early years I was active in rag chewing, public service, emcomm and contesting. Eventually contesting became my main interest with many top five finishes. While still active in contesting, I now support ham radio and contesting through several roles. I'm president of the Minnesota Wireless Association and part of the Minnesota QSO Party organizing committee. I'm now in my 12th year as the NAQP SSB Contest Manager. I also serve on the ARRL Board of Directors as Director from the Dakota Division.

    Minnesota Wireless Association
  • VA2EW - Gilles

    My WRTC experience started in 2013 when I operated in Boston one of the WRTC 2014 test stations as a team with Victor VA2WA. During the 2018 WRTC in Germany I got the TL position for WC6 teaming with Arno DL1CW.

  • VA2WA - Victor

    I've been a very active SWL since 1979 when I was a teenager. I've got my first HAM RADIO license in October, 1986, at the age of 22. I have enjoyed many aspects of ham radio, I've been involved in a few DX expeditions ZS1/RA3DQ, FP/VA2WA, TO2U, VE2EKA (CQ zone 2) and the following IOTA operations XL2I, CG2I (NA-128). I'm a member of the Contest Group du Quebec which has been founded in 2006. I'm proud creator and team member of the ham community independent Contest Online ScoreBoard project:

    Contest Club Ontario
  • KD4D - Mark

    The contesting bug really bit when Ken Geistfeld, WV3R, invited me to Guantanamo Bay for a CQ WW CW Contest. Frank Donovan provided the opportunity to operate with the W3LPL team for many years. John Evans, N3HBX, provided many opportunities to operate his stations. Frank and John provided the stations I used to qualify for WRTC. Ken Low, KE3X, invited me to be his teammate for WRTC 2018 in Wittenberg, Germany. If not for all of the help and encouragement I received from these hams, many others, and the Potomac Valley Radio Club, I would not be back at WRTC in 2023!

  • KE3X - Kennan

    I got my Novice class license as a 12-year old in 1974 as WN1UUA, operated from Mexico City as XE1/NV1P and HB9/KE3X from Geneva. It was fun to represent the USA in international competitions including HST World Championships 2009 (Bulgaria), 2011 (Germany), WRTC2014 (Boston) and WRTC2018 (Germany). My wife Ann and I live in Washington DC. We have 4 sons, all Eagle Scouts with General Class radio licenses.

    Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC)
  • NN3W - Richard

  • N3QE - Tim

    I was first licensed in 1978 at age 10 as KA0BTD and was active on HF CW through high school. In 1998 my wife Celeste and I moved to Maryland and we have three children, Fiona, Bailey, and Clara. Since 2000 I have worked for the Washington DC subway system. I got back into radio again In 2006 when I put some wire antennas up in the yard and started contesting, first as a way to earn WAS and DXCC awards. Quickly I became a regular on every contest weekends and got my present N3QE call in 2008. I am currently secretary of the Potomac Valley Radio Club and contest column editor for CQ Magazine.

    Tennessee Contest Group
  • NE9U - Scott

    I have been licensed since age 13, over 50 years as a ham! Prior to retiring in 2014 as an accountant in the finance of an insurance company, most of my contesting in the CQWW and ARRL DX contests took place from the W0AIH M/M where Paul instilled my love for contesting, especially multi-op contesting. Since retiring I have had time to travel and have operated in m/2 contest expeditions from KP2, VP2M, P4, PJ4 and was able to make a WRTC practice session from Italy in 2022. I currently have a little pistol station, but was happy to qualify using ladder dipoles in 9 of my 12 contests!

  • K9CT - Craig

    Life long ham radio operator with interests in contesting and DXing. Electronics business owner since 1980. Graduated in EE in 1974 from Bradley University and have continued to learn my entire life. I currently am the Chairman of the Contest Advisory Committee of the ARRL, Vice President of the NCDXF and Treasurer of the CW Operators Club. I am past president of the Society of Midwest Contesters and was recently asked to join the ARRL Foundation Board. I am married and raised two daughters that have supported me in the hobby. My other interests are running and following Bradley Univ. MBB.

  • K4AB - Larry

    After obtaining an amateur radio license in 1973 at the age of 13, Larry quickly focused his operating activities on competitive ham radio contests. Starting with the old ARRL CD parties, he has placed within the top ten in all major DX and stateside contests numerous times. A lifetime ARRL member, Larry is also a member of CWops, the North Alabama DX Club, the Huntsville Amateur Radio Club, and currently serves as president of the Alabama Contest Group. He also served as a referee at WRTC 2018 in Germany. Larry's love for radio propelled him into a radio broadcasting career, and later as a finance manager. Although now retired, he has never lost his passion for radio.

  • NN7CW - Wolf

    Alabama Contest Group - K4ACG
  • N2IC - Steven

  • HA3NU - Laszlo

    Potomac Valley Radio Club PVRC
  • KU1CW - Alex

  • EB5A - Yuri

    I was born in 1965 in Belarus in a family of builders. From early childhood, I was drawn to technical creativity, especially to electronics. At about 10 years old, thanks to the support of my older brother Andrey (NP3D, SK), I took my first steps in radio and electronics. At about fourteen years old, he received the call sign SWL UC2-009-568 and with great enthusiasm began to work from the club station of the Belarusian Polytechnic Academy UK2AAG. Frst personal callsign - UC2CFZ and became seriously interested in designing radio stations and radio communication on HF, contests and DXing. More recent calls include RC2CR, EW2CR, EA5GTQ, EA5FR, EF5Y, EE5E, EF8HQ,N1L(WRTC2014) and EA5RS (MS), as well as many stations and contests from Belarus and Spain. Best individual contest result - new record Zone 14 WPX CW Contest in 2022 and first place in the world in EF8HQ IARU 2011.

  • VE5MX - Einar (Todd)

    My fascination with radio started at a young age which only grew with my introduction to ham radio. My first exposure to a contest environmental was Field Day as a teenager and that cemented my interest. I obtained my VE5MX license in 1990. Over the years I operated all modes, with my favorite being CW. In 2016, I began construction of the station used for qualifying for WRTC 2022 and got to experience the thrill of operating a station I had built myself. The results were satisfying, and I was lucky enough to qualify for WRTC 2022. I currently live in Weyburn, SK with my family and am for

    Einar (Todd)
  • VE3EJ - John

    Licensed in 1972. Operator from numerous domestic and DX locations. Previous WRTC participant with Jim, VE7ZO on 5 occasions. WRTC winner in 2006. Two time WRTC participant with Fred, K9VV (NP2X). Member of CQ WW Contest committee for past 30 years. Member of CW Ops and FOC. Inducted into CQ Contest Hall of Fame in 2011. Looking forward to WRTC 2022 (23) participation with Todd, VE5MX.

    CW Operator's Club
  • KI6RRN - Axel

  • N5ZO - Marko

    Currently active with home calls N5ZO and club call NT6Q from San Diego area in Southern California. Licensed since 1979 (OH6DO in Finland). Also holds PY2ZZO call in Brazil. Main interest in amateur radio has always been HF contesting (CW/SSB). Has operated CQ WW DX contest from 35 of 40 CQ zones. Contested multiple times from 8R1K in 1990s and from ZD8O in 2010s. Competitor in Brazil WRTC in 2006 and referee in San Francisco (1996) and Finland (2002). Operator in 9M0S DX pedition in 1993.

    Southern California Contest Club
  • 9M6NA - Saty

    First licensed in 1971 as JE1JKL at age 13. Participated in DX contests from JE1JKL, 5Z4CS, NH6J/NH8, NH6J/KH0, KC6CS, 9M6NA, TO5T and JO4JKL as Single Op, and joined Mult-Op entries including JE2YRD, AH0K, JA5BJC, KH0AA and K1XM. Was a competitor at WRTC1990, 1996 and 2002, and was a referee at WRTC2000. Built a contest station in Labuan Island, East Malaysia in 1990 and have been enjoying contests from there as 9M6NA.

  • K5WA - Bob

    First licensed in 1965 as WA5NGH in Dallas, Texas at age 13. Got into contesting in the early 80s as N5DU and participated in many contests at K5LZO multi/multi to start my contesting career. Obtained K5WA in the 90s after my good friend and original holder of K5WA, Rich Keller, died. Was a Competitor in WRTC2018 and Referee in 2014. Enjoyed several M/S efforts at ZF1A with K6AM as lead. Have had the pleasure to operate from HZ1AB, R3/K5WA, V47JA, KP5, VP2M, V31, HL, VY2, 4U1ITU, G3FXB, XE2FU, KP2 and more. I am thrilled to be operating as JE1JKL/9M6NA's Teammate in WRTC2022/23.

    K5WA Bob Evans
  • AD6E - Alan

    First licensed in 1962 while in high school (Livermore CA) as WN6BID. Graduated from San Jose State University in 1970 and was immediately drafted. To avoid indentured servitude in the Army, I "volunteered" for the Navy. I was QRT for many years, then became interested again and tried for DXCC with QRP and an attic dipole. QRO is more fun. My first DX experience was as AD6E/KH9. I've also operated from 4M7X, KH6, DL0MB, TI9M, K7C (Kure), P29NI, 3D2C (Conway), T33A TX3X, etc. I'm a member of NCCC (Northern California Contest Club).

  • K6XX - Bob

    Bob Wolbert, K6XX First licensed at age 12 as WN6HPF. Later callsigns were WA6HPF and N6IP. Became K6XX in 1996. Have also operated /KH6, /6Y5, S5/, R3/, R31A, DL/, Y84X, and as 7J1AGQ/2. Home station is currently under reconstruction after a disaster. Married to Miki and have 3 daughters: Sarah, Lisa, & Emily. Previous WRTCs: served on the committee for WRTC-96 in Northern California, overseeing station site qualification and serving as webmaster. TL at WRTC-2010 (R31A) and WRTC-2018 (Y84X). Attended WRTC-2000 and WRTC-2014 as an "observer"--Fun! Elected to CQ-Contest Hall of Fame in 2021.

    Northern California Contest Club
  • ZL3CW - Jacky

    Jacky Calvo, ZL3CW (F2CW), is veteran of the French Air Force and the International Committee of the Red Cross, with postings that took him to a dozen countries around the world and a participant in more than a dozen DXpeditions. He was Team Leader in the first WRTC in 1990 in Seattle, Referee in 2010 in Moscow and in 2014 in Boston, and Team Leader in Wittenberg in 2018. In 1996, he emigrated to New Zealand where he had several businesses until retirement. He is looking forward to WRTC in Bologna to catching up with old friends and make new friends who got the same "disease"!

  • VK2IA - Bernd

    Licensed in 1978 as DL1VJ, migrated to Australia in 1997, QRV as VK2IA and VK1A, previously as VK6AA and VK8VJ as well as misc DXpeditions. Participated in several WRTCs as competitor (1996, 2010, 2022), referee (2000, 2014) and judge (2018). Now living on Bundjalung country in the foothills of Wollumbin (Mount Warning) in the Northern Rivers region of NSW with my wife Claudia. Semi-retired mining engineer with a dedicated interest in working on environmental issues, strengthening resilience of our local community and in supporting asylum seekers and refugees to settle into their new life.

    Bavarian Contest Club
  • W2GD - John

    First Contest: 1960 ARRL Field Day, - Ham Radio and Contesting have played a big role in my life. Age 73 - semi-retired station builder.. Winning and setting records in CQWW, ARRL DX, WPX,etc.on both modes and many power levels has been gratifying. Operating contests outside the USA and DXpeditions (OJ0, K1N, K5D) are primary interests. Member CQ Contest Hall of Fame (1999) and President Emeritus Frankford Radio Club (2021). Have attended ALL eight WRTCs. Calls: WA2UOO W2GD P40W P44W P40GD P40HQ P40L PJ7A 9Y4W 8P9CV VP2MGD V47KP VP5T K5D K1N OH0MB/OJ0 OH2HQ PJ1B A61AJ EF8M 4U1ITU

  • AA3B - Bud

    Joseph W. Trench (Bud), AA3B, was first licensed in 1970. He is a member of the ARRL, Frankford Radio Club, First Class CW Operators’ Club, A-1 Operator Club, and the PA QSO Party Association. He has logged over 1.7 million QSOs including confirmed QSOs with all DXCC entities except North Korea. Bud is the Director of the CQ WPX SSB and CW Contests. He has achieved first place in the CQ WW DX CW contest in the Single Op Low Power category 17 times using callsign V26K and holds the current world record. He participated in WRTC 2018.

    Frankford Radio Club FRC
  • FY5FY - Didier

    F6GUP-TL8RC-FH5EF-FY5FY, that's my radio story from 1979 to 2023, living more than 40 years in overseas countries. I really started a serious contest activity in early 1990's, with the participation in more than 90 competitions in CW or SSB, mainly CQWW WPX ARRLDX ARRL10 CQ160 and IARU HF. The used calls was FY5FY in SO dans FY5KE in MO operations from French Guiana, a lovely country in Amazonia. The results of this long-standing contest activity was first a constant pleasure to participate, to share with the whole FY5KE team and finally to win sometimes...

  • F4DXW - Stephane

    After 25 years sailing on all the seas of the world, I am now logistics manager for a large French company. I started the radio in 1995, in 1999, I passed my hamradio license and left for 2 years in the Republic of Djibouti for my work (J28VS). On my return to France, I started the competitions from the club radio F6KHM aka TM6M. Am married and father of twins childrens. I have participed to WRTC 2014 and 2018 than team leader and in 2023 asTeam Mate. Thank you to FY5FY Didier for choosing me as team mate.

    Frankford Radio Club FRC
  • CE2LR - Mathias

  • CE3CT - Roberto

    Roberto Ramirez, CE3CT, operates the largest Multioperator station in Chile and has trained numerous other contesters in Latin America.The history of CE3CT was born in 1985, when I was 13 years old. I enjoyed listening to rock music but could not get a suitable FM station. At that time I lived in Talca, and there were no FM radio stations to listen to music of that type, so I started looking for a way to listen to a station in Curicó, 50 kilometers north. First licence SWL CE-072, CE4PBB, late CE4CT and now CE3CT. WRTC History: WRTC 2006 participant, WRTC 2014 visitor and WRTC 2018 referee

    Frankford Radio Club FRC
  • PY2NY - Vitor

    Born 1966, Law Degree 1984, Federal Public Server (Justice), Boy Scout 1980-1990, first radio license PY2NYS 1981, international contesting from 1989, WRTC competitor 2000, 2006 and 2023, travel, wine, World War II History & militaria collector, Jeep/Dodge/Harley-Davidson 1944 owner, married with PU2VYT. Other calls - 9H3NY, V26NY, SP9NY (valid to 2027). CW, SSB and RTTY only. Born in Sorocaba, SP. Living in Jaboticabal, SP - Brasil, GG58ur. Very singular station, with one tower, yagis 10 to 40m, and wires, SO1R. Working contests usually low power, and last years with emphasis on 20m band. 73!

  • PC3T/PY2SEX - Alexandre

    Licensed hamradio since 1996 (PY1KS) and passionate for RF since 1984 when a walk-talk brought the interest. Became a DXer on 11m in 1989 and then move to the HAM Bands in 1996. Partipating in contests just to work new DXCC but then started to be more and more interested in make more QSOs during contests. Still, in 1996 on my first CQWW CW I was impressed by the pileup, no idea what that mean by that time, hi! "Quick" break between 2002-2008 when moved from my parent's house and moved to Sao Paulo in 2007 (PY2SEX) then I moved to Germany in 2011 (DL1NX) and since 2016 as PC3T in Netherlands.

    Frankford Radio Club FRC
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