First Two WRTC Teams Selected!


The WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee announces that it has selected the first two sponsored (donor) teams that will participate at WRTC 2022 in northern Italy.  We are very pleased to have the two sponsored teams. A complete list will be published when all 5 slots are awarded.

The application window will continue to be open until the last of the three remaining sponsored teams are selected. All interested should apply as soon as possible.  Additional information and the application are here:  Contact Carlo, IK1HJS, with any questions.

Donations are very important for WRTC 2022 in this difficult time. We, like everyone else, are struggling with the changes that the coronavirus pandemic have required us to make.

Unfortunately, few are looking ahead two years to WRTC 2022 in northern Italy and making plans. We think this is wrong !  The sun still comes up every morning and brightens the horizon as we contesters move from 40/80 meters to 15/20 meters. More people are surviving now that we know to wear masks and keep our distance.  Vaccines are being prepared and will become available during 2021, in time for WRTC2022 be held as planned if we all keep working toward that goal. Please help us !

Veteran and novice competitors alike have increased their participation in contests, creating new excitement on the airwaves and setting new participation records by entering their logs. These are good motivations to continue with the activities that remain possible, contesting included, and planning to meet in July, 2022, as planned.

We thank the donor teams that have demonstrated their confidence in WRTC-2022 and our ability to work through the difficult times that we are experiencing. We ask that others follow and submit their applications so that the Committee may review them. 

We have been unable to be with you as the normal travel, conventions and meetings have been disrupted. Your donations are now even more critical to our success, please consider making a personal or club donation.  Information is at: .

In the coming months you will hear more from WRTC 2020.  And we hope to work you on the air !

For further information contact:
Carlo IK1HJS: