WRTC 2022 receives supporting grants from the Yasme Foundation


WRTC 2022 is pleased to announce that it has received a significant financial contribution from the Yasme Foundation as a supporting grant for the event. “We are very proud and honored to receive such a big donation and we really want to say thank you to the Yasme Foundation for its important contributions. This means that interest in WRTC is still very high and recognized all around the world,” said Carlo IK1HJS in receiving the checks from Ward Silver, N0AX, the Yasme Foundation President during the Contest Forum at Hamvention 2019 (Xenia -Dayton).  “At this early stage it is important for the contest community to support WRTC so the organizing committee can make deposits, order materials, and begin preparations for the event.  Yasme is happy to support this important ham radio event and we hope other organizations and individuals will, too,” suggested Silver.

A second grant from Yasme was also received in support of the Ham Widow’s Ball – an evening of entertaining fun for non-ham spouses attending WRTC first held at WRTC 2014. The WRTC-2022 Organizing Committee will be more than happy to organize an Italian edition in Bologna!

Yasme is a storied word in amateur radio DX circles. DX stands for “distance” and the sailboats for which Yasme is named certainly covered their share of DX, crossing the oceans and dropping anchor at exotic islands some six decades ago. In turn, amateurs around the world, the “DX-ers,” would then try to contact the Yasme captain, Danny Weil, VP2VB, an amateur operator of renown.

Over the years, The Yasme Foundation has grown from a support group for those original Yasme adventures into a worldwide foundation supporting projects that help amateur radio flourish. Yasme recognizes the volunteers who keep amateur radio vital and vigorous in its second century and sponsor awards for hams (amateur radio operators) who make long-distance DX contacts on the air. Its updated website tells Yasme’s story and explains its mission.  The Yasme Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation organized to support scientific and educational projects related to amateur radio, including DXing (long distance communication) and the introduction and promotion of amateur radio in developing countries. Yasme supports various projects relating to amateur radio, with an emphasis on developing amateur radio in emerging countries and encouraging youth participation in amateur radio.

WRTC (World Radiosport Team Championship) is an amateur “ham” radio contest held every four years. The next WRTC will be held in Bologna, Italy, in July 2022. The two-operator team that wins WRTC 2022 will be the best team in the world for next four years.