Contest Online Scoreboard announces support for WRTC Practice in IARU 2021


On-line live score for #hamradio is getting more popular thanks to a multiple scoreboard data sharing.
One of the person behind this project is Victor VA2WA also referee in previous #wrtc events.
Let's read some more about this.

Contest Online Scoreboard ( ) , the very popular online contest scoreboard for radiosport, is announcing a new scoreboard that can be used by anyone that wants to practice or simulate the WRTC 2022 competition scoring rules in the upcoming IARU Championship contest the weekend of July 10-11, 2021. The WRTC 2022 rules are for two transmitter multi-ops running low power - 100 watts. IARU 2021 is the best opportunity for teams to test their equipment and operating strategy before WRTC competition in 2023. WRTC scoring is not the same as normal IARU scoring so it is important to show the practice teams in their own table. We also plan to provide that board next year at the same time as the IARU HF Championship. The scoreboard URL is .

To use the WRTC practice scoreboard, participants will need to find out WRTC contest log in a logger. As we know there is the WRTC contest log in the N1MM log. WinTest has a special free version for WRTC. Please refer to the to get your logger to be able to send your scores online. Feel free to contact us in case you have some questions or issues regarding online scoring setup with your logger.

We also would like to announce another project we've finished due to our WRT2022 support. We call it "WRTC 2022 Roadmap Archive". Contest Online Scoreboard has recorded the historical scores collected during all 24 of the WRTC 2022 qualification contests. Anyone can go back and look at their scores for those events. This could be used for performance analysis or just to look back for fun. The "WRTC 2022 Roadmap Archive" URL is .