New update of the qualification standings is now available


Hi all,

A new update of the qualification standings is now available on our official website.

Rule 5.3 (*) of the Selection Criteria has been applied to the top 15 operator's scores of each qualification area to define final calculations.

We have sent a request to all these operators and we have applied their instructions received.

In case of no feedbacks we have assigned the points to the team's operators with the highest score in overall WRTC2022 qualification ranking.

Please check the qualification standings at:

For any claim on the qualification standings please contact us addressing your e-mail to

The deadline for feedback or change request is August 31, 2021.
No requests for changes will be accepted after this deadline.

The qualification standings are still unofficial.

A results verification process is underway.
 As you know the WRTC2022 has been postponed to July 2023 but the rankings will remain those determined by the events of 2019 and 2020.

73 de Claudio I4VEQ
WRTC2022 Committee

(*) "A maximum of 2 operators may submit scores for a single contest from a MS, 3 from a M2, and 4 from a MM."