WRTC2022 Team Leaders & Team Mates final qualification standings


Here we are ! The official and final list of qualified Team Leaders (TL) and Team Mates (TM) for WRTC 2022 is published.

Congratulations to the Team Leaders, for their superb job in achieving the goal.
Congratulations to the Team Mates that now know that are really eligible.
But congratulations to all the participants for their hard effort to be in this world ranking.

Thanks to all contest managers for their invaluable help in providing us with the rankings of individual events.

During 2020, many were unable to participate in the usual multi-operator contests or were unable to reach their contest stations away from home. This terrible pandemic has also forced the organizing committee to postpone WRTC2022 of one year, so it will take place only in July 2023.

The TLs list is completed and you can now choose and contact your partner from the TMs list.

If you are on the TLs list and your email is not updated in QRZ.com, please contact us.

Good luck everyone!
WRTC2022 committee
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