Youth Team Leader Application


Anyone born after July 14, 1997 who has not been chosen as a Team Leader may apply to be a Youth Team Leader. (See Article 8 of the WRTC 2022 rules -

Applications for Youth Team Leaders will be accepted beginning on 1st April 2022 until 1st May 2022. No applications will be accepted after the closing date.

To apply, send an email to the WRTC 2022 Committee at confirming the following:

1. That you want to participate in WRTC 2022, to be held in July 2023,
2. That you are applying to be a Youth Team Leader,
3. That you were born after July 14, 1997, and,
4. That you accept the selection criteria and contest rules of WRTC 2022.

The email must include your full name, call sign, email address. Include a photo and your contesting biography - up to 500 words. Selection is based only on Qualification Score.

If you have selected a Youth Team Mate, give their full name, call sign, and email address. The Team Mate must meet the same age criteria and may be from anywhere in the world. A separate application or Qualification Score is not required for a Youth Team Mate.

After the application closing date, the WRTC 2022 Committee will evaluate the applications and publish a list of the applicant's call signs and Qualification Scores. The six Youth Team Leaders selected will be indicated on the list. If a Youth Team Mate has also been selected, their call sign will also be published; otherwise, Youth Team Leaders will have 60 days to choose their Youth Team Mate. A final list of Youth Team Leaders and Youth Team Mates will then be published by the WRTC 2022 Committee.

If you have questions about the Youth Team selection process, contact the WRTC 2022 Committee at .