WRTC 2022 behavioral guidelines


WRTC 2022 Committee has defined the behavioral guidelines throughout the event by informing and having feedback from WRTC Sanction Committee.

The qualification rules decided by WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee in 2018 are based on Area and not on Country and Team Leader has been selected to represent a Selection Area and not a Country.

So, WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee has decided to NOT USE any Country identification, flags or hymns.

Participants will be identified with their Selection Area ID.

During all the official events, including but not limited to, open ceremony, closing ceremony, Competitors and Referee meeting, Contest itself and all other social events, organized by the WRTC 2022 Committee there will not be any Countries references.

The wearing of the official shirts with no country-specific emblems are REQUIRED.