WRTC Update December 2022


Dear Contester,

the end of 2022 is approaching and the WRTC 2022 Organization Committee would like to send its best wishes for 2023 to you and your family. 2023 will be the year of WRTC, with the competition taking place on the  7th and 8th of July

We worked strongly in an incredible period with coronavirus and war. In this scenario we have:

● completed the acquirement and building of all devices we need, Antennas (thanks to K1LZ sponsorship), cables (thanks to Messi & Paoloni sponsorship), towers, rotors;

● selected and booked the headquarters in Castel San Pietro Terme, through agreements with different hotels all in walking area and involved the city Major;

● completed the TL and TM selection, also of youth, and fixed the participation;

● created and running an award counting an incredible high participation in order to spread the WRTC name and idea;

● collected money from different sponsors and YL/OM supporting the WRTC event, arriving now to collect more than 80% of planned, that with some further action in 2023 will be enough to guarantee the WRTC event in this complex period;

● identified a site typology in agritourism, with a selection of potential sites in flatland area, far from potentially EM noise, with a quite uniform distance one from the other to reduce interference; actually we have finalized contracts with about 70 of them;

● created a framework with Fondazioni Guglielmo Marconi, the foundation that is in charge of the place where Guglielmo Marconi performed the first radio transmission.

In 2023 we will intensify communication in order to allow physical and virtual participation at the WRTC event of all the interested. Stay tuned and season greetings.

(Photo: It's Christmas time in Sasso Marconi (BO) " the radio brings the peoples of the world together" Guglielmo Marconi)