The Volunteers Effort Behind Antenna Assembly for WRTC2022


Volunteers are working hard to assemble antennas for the WRTC2022 event.
The event is a significant undertaking, with a total of 70 antennas that need to be assembled, 7000 meters of guy wires to fix the towers to be prepared, 3500 meters of cable for the rotors, and 10,500 meters of coax cable that needs to be cut and prepared for connection to the antennas.

Despite the challenges, a team of 40 volunteers is stepping up to make the WRTC2022 event a success.
These individuals are dedicated and passionate about their work, and they understand the importance of their efforts in bringing communication to the community.

Assembling antennas is no easy feat, but with the help of volunteers, the process is becoming a reality.
The team is working together to ensure that each antenna is assembled with care and precision.
They are also making sure that all the necessary components, including guy wires, cables, and connectors, are prepared and ready to be used for final installation.

The volunteers' efforts are truly inspiring, and their work is a testament to the power of community. ù
The WRTC2022 event will bring people together from all over the world, and the volunteers' hard work is helping to make that possible. With their tireless efforts, the antennas will be ready in no time, providing much-needed support for the competition.

The WRTC2022 event will be a success thanks to their hard work and dedication.