BREAKING NEWS:Momobeam to Power WRTC2022 as Technical Sponsor


Amateur radio enthusiasts and competitors worldwide are eagerly awaiting the next World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC), set to take place in Italy in 2023.
The WRTC is a quadriennial event that brings together the world's best amateur radio operators, pitting them against each other in a friendly but fierce competition that tests their skills, knowledge, and equipment.
WRTC2022 is now pleased to announce that Momobeam will be the technical partner of the event, providing wire dipoles antenna for the 7Mhz and 3,5Mhz bands.

Momobeam is a world-renowned manufacturer of amateur radio equipment, known for their high-quality antennas that are capable of delivering outstanding performance even under challenging conditions.
Their wire dipoles are built to last, with the capacity to handle up to 2500 watts of power and the RF chokes done by ferrites. This makes them an ideal choice for use in the WRTC competition, where top-notch equipment is essential for success.

The WRTC is an elite event that brings together the best of the best in the amateur radio world. Only the most skilled operators are selected to compete, and they are given a set of rules that ensure a level playing field. The competition takes place over two days, during which time the participants are required to establish contacts with as many other amateur radio stations as possible. The more contacts they make, the more points they earn, and the team with the highest score at the end of the event is declared the winner.

The event is not only a test of skill and knowledge but also a test of equipment. The antennas used by the competitors must be of the highest quality, capable of delivering clear and reliable signals even under adverse conditions. This is where Momobeam comes in, providing the technical expertise and equipment necessary to give the competitors the best chance of success.

The partnership between Momobeam and the WRTC is a natural one. Momobeam has a long history of supporting the amateur radio community, and the WRTC is one of the most prestigious events in the amateur radio calendar. As the technical sponsor of the event, Momobeam will provide the wire dipoles antenna for the 7Mhz and 3,5Mhz bands, ensuring that the competitors have access to top-quality equipment that can handle the rigors of the competition.

In conclusion, Momobeam's involvement in the upcoming WRTC event is a testament to their commitment to the amateur radio community. By providing the wire dipoles antenna for the 7Mhz and 3,5Mhz bands, Momobeam is playing a vital role in ensuring that the competitors have access to the best possible equipment. With their expertise and support, the WRTC is set to be an even more exciting and challenging event, pushing the limits of what is possible in the world of amateur radio.

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