Breaking News: Logistic service to WRTC


As an additional service for WRTC competitors, we have set up a logistics service for materials. You can now ship materials that you prefer not to carry in your luggage to the WRTC logistic point, following some rules.

To make use of this service, please send your request to Michele Ortolani IZ4ZZB via email "logistics" at "" and specify the following information:

  1. Number and weight of boxes (please note that we don't accept pallets).
  2. Packing list of the included materials for each box.
  3. Eventual tracking number.
  4. Label all boxes with your name, surname, address, callsign, and WRTC qualification area (so we can store material divided by origin area).
  5. Number the boxes as nr X of Y to recognize quickly how many boxes are coming from you (example: a 3 box delivery: box 1 of 3, box 2 of 3, box 3 of 3).

However, please note that there are certain things that WRTC cannot do:

  1. WRTC cannot provide custom clearance, so please be sure that your shipment will pass customs control automatically and with no cost.
  2. WRTC cannot handle expensive and delicate materials. Radio, computer, or other expensive items cannot be included in the shipment.
  3. WRTC cannot be considered responsible for any damages or lost materials.
  4. WRTC cannot guarantee the delivery of materials if they are not received by June 30th, 2023 (the deadline).

A few days before WRTC, we will take all materials to the WRTC HQ and give them back to you upon your arrival.

Michele Ortolani IZ4ZZB will notify you of the shipment address and he is also at your disposal for further information.