WRTC2022 station set-up preview


The WRTC2022 competition is an exciting event that brings together the best amateur radio operators from around the world. In this competition, competitors will be judged based on their ability to establish reliable communication with other operators in various parts of the world.

One of the key components of the competition is the competitors' station. In order to communicate effectively, competitors must have a well-designed and well-equipped station.That's where the schematic comes in.

In this preview, we present two basic layouts for the station - one using single band pass band filters and the other using 6 pack filters.
Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, and competitors must choose the one that best suits their needs and expertise.

It is important to note that some materials are provided by the WRTC2022 organizing committee (OC) and others must be supplied by the team.
However, teams are not limited to the materials provided by the OC. They can add more materials, such as extra electrical plugs and LAN switches, to enhance their station's set-up.

The full team instruction manual will be released in two weeks, and it will provide more detailed information about the station layout and other relevant aspects of the competition. 

In conclusion, the schematic for competitors' station in the WRTC2022 competition is an essential component of the competition.
Competitors must carefully consider their options and make the best choice based on their needs and expertise.
With a well-designed and well-equipped station, competitors will be better equipped to establish reliable communication with other operators and increase their chances of winning the competition.