Site Sponsors:Mr. Reinhard Fortsch of RF-KIT.DE


One of the key factors that makes the WRTC such a special event is the support of sponsors who help to make it possible. These sponsors provide financial support, equipment, and other resources that are essential for the competing teams to succeed. Without their support, the WRTC would not be possible.

The WRTC2022 Organizing Committee (OC) would like to extend a special thank you to
Mr. Reinhard Fortsch of
for his generous support of the EU3 team, composed of Manfred DJ5MW and Stefan DL1IAO.

However, there are still some teams that are in need of sponsorship, and we encourage anyone who is interested in supporting the WRTC to check out the sponsorship options available on our website. By becoming a sponsor, you can help to support the world's top radio operators as they compete against each other in this exciting event.

For more options please visit: Site Sponsorship - WRTC 2022 Italy