Audio Legend Bob Heil Donates Premium Headset for Lottery


Bob Heil, renowned audio equipment manufacturer and founder of Heil Sound, has joyfully announced his generous donation to the WRTC2022 lottery. Through the help of KA9FOX, a well-known amateur radio activist, Heil has decided to offer a Heil Pro7, one of his flagship products, as a prize to support a charitable cause.

The Heil Pro7 is a microphone designed to deliver high-quality performance to radio amateurs and audio professionals. With its crystal-clear sound and robust construction, it is widely appreciated by radio communication experts worldwide.

The WRTC2022 organizers of the lottery have expressed their gratitude for Bob Heil's donation, emphasizing his contribution. The Heil Pro7 is a valuable prize and is expected to attract the attention of numerous participants eager to support a good cause and have a chance to own a high-quality product.