Introducing the COMPETITION award for WRTC2022


To promote WRTC2022 during the years 2022 and 2023, two special awards have been organized, creating a lot of activity and curiosity within the entire ham radio community.

This activity has been based on and managed by a totally new technology. All QSOs were broadcast live on the Hamaward platform allowing hunters and activators to see their QSOs rolling into the log, with the score listing updated in real-time.

This has been the beginning of a more complex project related to the WRTC2022 competition. All that knowledge has now been transferred to the next and biggest event for Ham Radio: THE COMPETITION.

WRTC2022 is honored to introduce the award related to this event. From July 8th-9th, the "Competition" award will be available for all award hunters, with the same modality as the previous awards. You can find the full new rules at this link:

The list of callsigns valid for the award will be added just before WRTC2022 starts. All hunters are very welcome to send their log of QSOs by following the link on the rules page at the end of the competition.