WRTC 2022 Official competitors callsigns


We would like to thank the Ministry of Enterprises of Made in Italy for granting the use of special designations for the WRTC 2022 competition:

I41A I42N I43X I46J I47U I41D I42R I43Z I46O I47V I41K I42V I44B I46P I47W I41M I42W I44C I46Q I49A I41N I43B I44G I46V I49D I41R I43C I44J I46W I49K I41U I43D I44O I46Y I49M I42A I43G I44P I47B I49N I42B I43K I44Q I47C I49R I42D I43L I44W I47G I49U I42F I43O I44X I47K I42G I43P I44Y I47L I42K I43R I44Z I47M I42L I43U I46C I47O I42M I43V I46F I47P