Want to be a referee at next WRTC in Italy, July 2023?


After having published the list of TL and TM qualified at WRTC2022 it is now time for the referees.

A referee will be on site at each of the 65 competing stations to verify compliance with the rules and make decisions on any rule questions by the teams.

Referees require excellent knowledge of CW, and SSB skills, as well as the ability to stay awake for the entire duration of the test (24 hours).

Referees must know and apply the WRTC2022 rules when they are published.

If you want to participate in the next WRTC as a referee, find the online application HERE

1) fill in and submit your application form  


2) send an email to referees@wrtc2022.it with your CV (max 1000 char) and a close-up photo (JPEG, GIF, BMP,PNG Max 500KB)

Please submit your application no later than 2359 UTC 10 July 2022

The selected referees will receive a further confirmation.

(Photo courtesy of EY8MM)