WRTC2022 for YOUTH


Another very important step for WRTC 2022: the Youth Team Leaders are selected.

To promote contest activity by young Hams, the organizing committee of WRTC2022 has reserved 6 sites for young contesters (born after July 14, 1997).

Having checked the applications received, the organizing committee has decided to add the following team leaders, for the youth category, to the list of competitors.

YL3JA Kristers Misa Age 24
M0SDV Jamie Williams Age 22
YU5EEA Ljubomir Živković Age 22
R6KVA Viktor Kazantsev Age 23
W4IPC Black Connor Age 20
DB5DY Cornelius Dach Age 23

Now the selected Youth Team Leaders (YT) must select another youth operator as his or her Team Mate from anywhere in the world.
The youth teams will be hosted (accommodation and meals) by the Organizing Committee of WRTC2022.

If you or your contest club would like to collaborate in setting up stations for YOUTH teams, now is the time to do it.
Click HERE and choose one of the YOUTH TEAMs represented by the WRTC Area YT1 ... YT6.

This is the moment...so please think about it seriously!