Competitors - WRTC 2022

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  • YL3JA - Kristers

  • UR5YKO - Artem

  • M0SDV - Jamie

    I have been contesting since I was 15 years old, Firstly I was an SSB only operator but I quickly developed a love for CW and it is now my favorite mode to operate. I have been lucky enough to have been invited into the M6T contest team where I was able to develop my operating skills and learn from some top quality operators. Qualifying for WRTC was a goal that I set myself after the 2018 event, however after 1 solid year of contest entries COVID-19 slowed me down as I was not able to travel to contest stations. These days I enjoy travelling the world and being the unique multiplier.

  • DK6SP - Philipp

    Philipp was first licensed as novice in 2011 (DO6PS) and upgraded to his current license in 2013. Furthermore, he is active as DQ5M. He is really interested in contests and DXPeditions and thus running pileups. His favorite mode is CW. Currently, he is a MSc student in the field of Supply Chain Logistics. He is living in Erding, 30km north-east of Munich, in the southern part of Germany. As a travel-adict he likes to activate various DXCCs. Latest activities included 3B8M and 9J2LA. Further, he was a participant in WRTC 2018 in Germany operating as Y82D and will compete once again in Italy.

    CDXC and RSGB
  • YU5EEA - Ljubomir

    Got licensed in 2014. My first contest was CQ WPX 2015 SSB. Member of Academic radio club Mihajlo Pupin YU1EXY (YT0A) and YU5R contest team. I mostly participate in MULTI categories primarily on HF but I also participate in VHF, UHF and SHF contests with YT0A team. Highlights of my contest biography are CQ WPX 2019 SSB from D4C in MULTI-MULTI category and participation in CQ WW RTTY 2016 and 2018 as 4O10A and 4O4YCP from 4O3A contest station. I am very honored to be selected as team leader of YT3 and hope to make good score together with my good friend Janko YT0C.

  • 9A3SMS - Srdan

    Hi I am Srdan 9A3SMS, first got licensed in 2016/17, worked SSB qso-s but CW was an irresistible mystery after 4 months I learned CW. Working all bands and modes, very active from 9A1A and 9A5D stations(and from my own when there is a break in semester) Studying for masters in electronics on the Faculty of Electrical engineering and Computing in Zagreb. Working all major contests when possible(CQ WW,WPX, ARRL DX...), favourite contest EUHFC CW. I am very honored, excited and still in shock to be competing in this huge event, hope to have a lot of fun and build a nice score.

  • R6KVA - Viktor

    In ham radio from 2007 when was 8 years old. In contesting from 2010 (11 years old). I have not yet participated as a participant in WRTC competitions. Was as a spectator at WRTC 2014. UA7K contest team for last few years. More prefer working in SSB type of competition. Favourite contest CQ WW SSB.

  • RA9P - Aleksey

    Hello! I do radio since 5 y.o. and my contesting lifestyle started a long ago! My father Anatoly RC9O was a contestant in WRTC2014 in US and he took me there at my age of 9 y.o. I fell in love with the atmosphere of contesting and ham-radio community! My second time on WRTC was in 2018 in Germany as a guest, since that time I had a dream to take part in WRTC as a contestant! So I'm pleased to be a big part of WRTC 2023! Here are some achievements: I am ranked 2 in AS-2 and 2 in UA9 Asiatic Russia. Winner of AADC, CQWW(SSB) - 2019, WAEDC, CQWW - 2020 in Asian Zone.

  • W4IPC - Connor

    Connor W4IPC has been a ham since 2018 and since then has had the chance to operate at many stations around the world and compete in a number of contests. His favorite categories are M/2 and M/M and most of his operations are in CW and SSB. Connor has had the chance to operate at stations such as W2RE, K1TTT, WX3B, LY4A, ZF5T, PJ2T, 9A1TT, and LZ5R. Currently Connor is an Electrical Engineering student at Old Dominion University.

  • KC1KUG - Brayden

    Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC)
  • DL3ON - Leon

    When I got my license in August 2020, At first I only had QSOs on the local FM repeaters. Thanks to a couple of radio operators from the local club I found my love for contesting. Then I quickly realized that I needed to learn cw to get even better. So I started learning telegraphy in 2021 during my last year at school. Since then, I am on the radio almost every weekend.

  • EI5LA - Megan

    Radio has always been a part of my life. From a young age my dad (EI3KM) began taking me along to events of our local radio club. From there my passion for radio grew and during the COVID Pandemic I decided I wanted to get a license, which I eventually achieved at the age of 14. Soon I discovered my love for contesting and CW and these have been my passion ever since.

    Florida Contest Group (FCG)
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