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WRTC 2022 - Italy

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The competition will be Two-Transmitter (Multi-Two) operation

WRTC 2022 is happy to announce in advance one of the most important rules for the WRTC 2022 competition. The style of operating will be the same as for WRTC 2018:

The competition will be as a full Two-Operator, Two-Transmitter (Multi-Two) operation with both Radio A and Radio B allowed to transmit at the same time. The only limitation is the radios may not transmit simultaneously on the same band, regardless of mode. For example, if Radio A is on 15M SSB, Radio B is not allowed on 15M SSB or 15M CW at the same time.”

This first press release about the official competition rules will be relevant for all WRTC 2022 competitors and it gives potential competitors the chance to practice according to this rule. This announcement is not a complete set of rules but defines how the Team will be allowed to operate during the competition.

The complete set of rules will be defined at the end of the qualification process, including this one.
Top 10 - Qualification standings

Operator Qualification Points
JH5GHM 8417
RM9I 8365
CE2LR 8336
JH1EAQ 8066
KI6RRN 8001
4X6FR 7912
IZ1LBG 7901
RA9P 7693
VE5MX 7656
EA8RM 7573


Country Total Points Operators
K 1667530 5234
UA 408672 1198
DL 339833 1477
I 267901 934
UA9 213438 510
BY 190466 391
PY 174712 418
JA 174458 1018
VE 172962 484
LZ 147602 190


WRTC Area Total Points Operators
EU8 507594 1659
EU3 489133 2307
EU7 424239 1273
EU4 370326 1044
NA3 351517 980
NA1 313678 841
EU2 277091 1306
EU9 255832 435
EU1 244040 831
NA9 212538 690

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