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WRTC 2022 - Italy

In the Orange State, WRTC2022 at HAMCATION 2020

WRTC2022 Vice President, Fabio Schettino, I4UFH and Claudio Veroli, I4VEQ represented the WRTC2022 Organizing Committee at the Orlando HAMCATION 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Fabio and Claudio were grateful to the HAMCATION organizers for making their well-placed location in the exhibit hall available at no cost.

During this three-day event, Fabio and Claudio introduced WRTC2022 to many visiting hams, and gave out respectable numbers of WRTC2022 shirts and hats to raise funds. In addition, Fabio and Claudio, met with many of the Hamcation exhibitors about WRTC2022 to encourage them to provide financial or logistical support to Bologna event. As a result of this effort, they concluded a very important agreement with ICOM, one of the world's leading radio amateur equipment companies. ICOM agreed to become a Platinum Sponsor for WRTC2022!

Three-time WRTC Winner, Dan, K1TO from the Florida Contest Group, and George, K5KG, Jack, K1KNQ, Jeff, VA3ISP, Lance, VA3LP, and Daniel, Claudio’s son, helped greatly with logistical support at the booth.

At the Hamcation Contest Forum, Claudio made an official presentation of WRTC2022 to a large group of interested contesters. Additionally, while at Hamcation, Fabio and Claudio, attended the Florida Contest Group contest dinner with over 200 contesters present in a Sea of Orange FCG shirts. Dan, K1TO emceed the event, and David, K1ZZ, IARU Secretary and past ARRL CEO, and was the guest speaker. As a total surprise to Claudio, Dan, K1TO presented him with a Florida QSO Party (FQP) Lifetime Achievement award!

Fabio and Claudio wish to thank all their friends at the Florida Contest Group whom they visited and helped during the Hamcation. For everyone, Claudio would like to remember the wonderful meeting with Ellen, W1YL, a fantastic YL and CW operator. They had a wonderful time in the Orange State and are wishing for everyone to be in Bologna in 2022 for WRTC!

73, Claudio, I4VEQ
Top 10 - Qualification standings

Operator Qualification Points
KI6RRN 11150
RM9I 11027
CE2LR 10881
4X6FR 10617
W9RE 10585
ZL3CW 10560
RA9P 10523
E21EIC 10522
ZR2A 10516
K4AB 10269


Country Total Points Operators
K 2289269 6447
UA 505521 1281
DL 426508 1638
I 315909 1187
UA9 285618 543
BY 277955 457
JA 264592 1390
VE 252878 585
PY 213505 533
EA 181050 647


WRTC Area Total Points Operators
EU8 679513 1927
EU3 622593 2574
EU7 517520 1535
NA3 480582 1200
NA1 427022 1026
EU4 402400 1002
EU2 357583 1505
EU1 335262 924
EU9 308556 495
AS7 305065 1509

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