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WRTC 2022 - Italy

The WRTC 2022 crew wishes you Merry Christmas and all the best in 2021

Hi to all !

The WRTC 2022 crew wishes you Merry Christmas and all the best in 2021.

Qualification contests have been completed and we are waiting for the final results from several of the last competitions.  But already multiple Team Leader slots appear to be clear, so many should be very happy this holiday season.  Many others also should be pleased to have preliminarily placed in the top ten after the Team Leaders, and therefore will be qualified to be selected as Team Mates. 

We hope that however you finished, that you had a good experience participating in the qualification competitions and seeing your aggregate score in the standings.  We will publish a complete list of those qualified to apply to be Team Leaders as soon as the final results are available.  We also will publish a list of those qualified to be considered for a Team Mate position.  This will make clear eligibility to be selected as a Team Mate.  (For each geographic area, the top ten finishers after the team leader(s) will be qualified for selection as a Team Mate.) 

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone participating in the WRTC qualification process and supporting WRTC 2022. If you are able, we would really appreciate your helping us with a donation.  As a thank you for your donation, you will be included in the list of donors and receive the official Donation Certificate in digital format. Donation

information: https://www.wrtc2022.it/en/donations-16.asp

This year has been very challenging, but we are optimistic that in 2021 we will be able to resume travel.  We look forward to seeing you in person at a hamfest or club meeting as soon as permitted.  

Meanwhile, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a really Happy New Year.  Please stay safe and say “hi” in the next contest.

73, Carlo IK1HJS
For the WRTC 2022 Organizing Committee

c/o Villa Griffone
Via dei Celestini 1
40037 Sasso Marconi BO Italy

Top 10 - Qualification standings

Operator Qualification Points
KI6RRN 11900
W9RE 11712
E21EIC 11700
K7RL 11629
VE5MX 11626
E77DX 11552
RM9I 11518
UB7K 11491
DJ5MW 11467
CE2LR 11463


Country Total Points Operators
K 2871417 7367
UA 740494 1475
DL 617818 2039
I 409670 1373
UA9 406972 619
BY 379248 542
JA 352409 1570
VE 341877 691
PY 294197 661
F 249039 573


WRTC Area Total Points Operators
EU8 883830 2202
EU3 882904 3219
EU7 654935 1803
EU4 589519 1156
NA3 586607 1363
NA1 546853 1154
EU1 469686 1069
EU2 453838 1870
AS7 415187 1703
EU9 376640 579

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