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WRTC 2022 - Italy

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The competition will be Two-Transmitter (Multi-Two) operation

WRTC 2022 is happy to announce in advance one of the most important rules for the WRTC 2022 competition. The style of operating will be the same as for WRTC 2018:

The competition will be as a full Two-Operator, Two-Transmitter (Multi-Two) operation with both Radio A and Radio B allowed to transmit at the same time. The only limitation is the radios may not transmit simultaneously on the same band, regardless of mode. For example, if Radio A is on 15M SSB, Radio B is not allowed on 15M SSB or 15M CW at the same time.”

This first press release about the official competition rules will be relevant for all WRTC 2022 competitors and it gives potential competitors the chance to practice according to this rule. This announcement is not a complete set of rules but defines how the Team will be allowed to operate during the competition.

The complete set of rules will be defined at the end of the qualification process, including this one.
Top 10 - Qualification standings

Operator Qualification Points
ZL3CW 5982
JH5GHM 5784
RM9I 5650
KI6RRN 5557
JH1EAQ 5544
VE5MX 5469
K7RL 5445
IZ1LBG 5425
CE2LR 5337
KG5HVO 5279


Country Total Points Operators
K 996384 4108
DL 173172 1077
UA 168206 599
I 125194 569
BY 112194 284
VE 111724 354
PY 108584 284
JA 84395 673
UA9 83658 282
LZ 76916 136


WRTC Area Total Points Operators
EU3 267104 1709
EU8 265972 1115
EU7 198197 807
NA3 189200 788
NA1 171833 665
EU4 157598 524
EU9 138476 308
NA9 134565 553
NA4 126400 605
NA5 124837 438

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