WRTC 2022 - Italy

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The World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) is an exhilarating event that brings together the best amateur radio operators from around the globe to compete in a thrilling contest of skill and strategy. As the WRTC2022 Organizing Committee (OC) diligently prepares for the upcoming competition, there is an opportunity for you to contribute and be a part of this prestigious event by sponsoring a team site.

What is a team site, you might ask? The team site is the designated location where each participating team will install their competition station. These sites play a crucial role in ensuring fair competition, as the OC meticulously selects the most equivalent positions to create a level playing field for all teams. By supporting a team site, you are directly contributing to the success of the event and the excitement experienced by the participants.

Sponsoring a team site is not limited to supporting only the officially qualified teams. You can also extend your support to invited youth teams or wild card teams, offering them a chance to showcase their talent and passion for amateur radio. This inclusive approach highlights the community spirit of the WRTC and provides opportunities for emerging talents to shine on the international stage.

Depending on the level of support you choose, you can enjoy various benefits that come with your sponsorship. These benefits may include recognition on the official WRTC2022 website, social media shoutouts, and even exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content and updates. Your contribution will not go unnoticed, as your name, club, or memorial description will be prominently displayed on the team site, serving as a testament to your support for the event and the participants.

With the WRTC2022 rapidly approaching, now is the time to act and seize this unique opportunity. By sponsoring a team site, you become an integral part of the WRTC community and contribute to the success and fairness of the competition. Your support will not only help the teams compete at their best but also inspire and encourage future generations of amateur radio enthusiasts.

So, don't hesitate! Join us in sponsoring a team site and be a part of the excitement that is building up to the WRTC2022. Contact the WRTC2022 OC today to learn more about how you can make a difference and leave your mark on this unforgettable event. Hurry up, the countdown to the WRTC2022 has begun!

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Dona il tuo 5x1000 al WRTC 2022
Only for Italy
Si tratta di una occasione unica per i radioamatori italiani. Durante il contest IARU 2023 i migliori contester del mondo verranno in Italia e si sfideranno ad armi pari, stessa antenna, stessa potenza, in 70 siti equivalenti fra loro e sparsi in Emilia-Romagna, eccoti alcuni dati:

- 120 migliori operatori provenienti da ogni parte del mondo
- 70 arbitri e giudici che controlleranno la gara
- Oltre 60 postazioni di gara con antenne per 5 bande, cavi, alimentazione
- 300 volontari per organizzare eventi e spostamenti e preparare il campo di gara
- 6 stazioni riservate ai giovanissimi OM che si sono distinti nei principali contest

Uno sforzo imponente che speriamo sia anche segno di ripartenza per il nostro paese. Naturalmente ti aspettiamo sia in presenza che in radio, per vivere una settimana nel mondo dei contest.

Per fare questo abbiamo costituito una A.P.S. senza scopo di lucro denominata:
Codice Fiscale: 91409830378